Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gurupurnima with Sri Swami Vishwananda

Dear Readers, today I leave for Shree Peetha Nilaya and I will be there until September 18. I have not seen Swami in the physical since last September, 9 months ago. I am so happy and I am greatly looking forward to this visit with my Satguru, my Swami, my Lord. All of you who read this blog will be in my thoughts and heart during Gurupurnima with our dearly Beloved, Sri Swami Vishwananda.

Vishwananda, My Master, My Lord

When the rain pours
I think of Him whom I love the most,
When a baby smiles and my heart fairly bursts
With the purest love,
I think of Him.

When two turtle doves purr in song and unison,   
I think of Him.
When the presence of God stills my heart and mind,
I think of Him.

When the Sacred Ganges River of India’s
Snowy peaks comes into my remembrance,
And I am walking with Mahavatar Babaji there,
I think of Him

When horses in the pasture rub their noses together
In friendship and caring,
I think of him.

When I am on the top of a snowy mountain
In Colorado, USA’s great Rocky Mountains,
And I am reminded of the Himalayas,
I think of Him.

When I do daily chores,
Pet a dog,
Kiss the sweet cheek of an innocent child
I think of Him.

If truth be told, He is in my Heart
My every breath, and
In every cell from head to toes.
He is my Everything.

And now to Gurupurnima 2012,
That year the Satguru says:
“Something is always happening,
But in 2012 the World will not end,
Take heart, I am here with you.”

 So today I go,
To lay flower petals at the SatGuru’s feet
That Holy One sent from the Divine,
To leave the Dakshina of thankfulness
At His Holy feet.

Like Mirabai to Krishna,
Not minding what others say,
I can only think and feel
With my heart:
Thank you for everything, dear SatGuruDeva,
Sri Swami Vishwananada,
My Forever Love – I love you!


Gurudeva, My Beloved, Vishwananda, My Master, My Lord

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