Thursday, July 19, 2012

Love's Pearls of Wisdom - Mahavatar Babaji - Guru Trust


Time stands still in Mati, Greece as

Early evening waves on the Mediterranean Sea
Gently crash against the shore at sunset . . .
quickly fading into the first
Violet-blue embers of twilight.

Four sit on the sand absorbed

In Atma Kriya meditation,
In attunement with their Guru,
Sri Swami Vishwananda | Mahavatar Babaji.

Winter time, when the wind-chill factor
Causes one to feel frozen to the bone,
Seems very far away . . .

That time in life when the Guru was
Not consciously present in the heart
And every thought and action.

Meditation vibrations of peace and harmony transport me to
Mahavatar Babaji’s Himalayan Cave.
He awaits my arrival, and response to His Call, dressed
In white dhoti reaching from waist to mid-calf.

I am wearing the traditional Swami ochre robe as I
Prostrate in front of Him in love, devotion and gratitude.
As we sit in padnamaskar facing each other,

Mahavatar takes his finger

And draws a cross in His right palm.
Red blood oozes out of his seemingly
Human skin in a simple cross of two lines –
One vertical and one horizontal.
He holds up his hand and requests that I
Look at my right hand and, behold,
I have an identical cross of red blood across my palm,
Keeping its shape mysteriously by His Will.

Babaji requests I place my hand against His hand.
He asks me: “If I were to request you to stand before
A group of people, show them this cross of blood
And talk about Guru-disciple trust,
Would you do it? My mind hesitates and
I think: Oh, I have failed my ParamGuru’s test.
He says: “Never mind that!”
This is an opportunity to learn to trust the Guru . . .

"You see every human comes into life

With karmic and personal crosses to bear.
The goal is to surrender, always, to the Divine
Like the Christ showed you when He prayed
In the Garden of Gethsemane:
‘Dear Father in Heaven, let this cup [the crucifixion]
Pass from me,
But let not My Will but your Will be done.’
“And like Arjuna on the battlefield
When he chose Krishna, Himself,
As his defender of victory over a vast army instead.

“When trusting and surrendering to the Guru,
The Love and Devotion for the Divine in your Heart

Is in direct proportion to the Shakti,
The Divine energy, you receive.

So Let It Be according to Divine Will.
Forever and ever, Om and Amen!”

Mahavatar Babaji

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