Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Outside People are Like a Mountain

The outside people, who are not searching for the Divine and are not searching for the purpose of life, are like a mountain. That is, when the Grace of God flows from the Divine to them, it just flows down and out.

Sri Swami Vishwananda


This world of illusion, in reality, is a shining jewel,
Like a green emerald in the eye of space
Clearly visible to etheric worlds beyond.
As above, so below . . .
Blue and white clouds and azure-colored
Oceans cover our planet,
This world we call our physical home.

Rolling hills and towering Himalayan Mountains
Spiritually imbued with Lord Babaji’s Love and Grace
Stand as eternal sentinels of spirit’s Love
Forevermore and forevermore in the
Akashic Records beyond time.
Winters come there and winters go there,
Bringing springtime’s melting Himalayan snows
Which rush into the oceans deep and true,
Like the Great Ocean of Life in symbolic form.

Love for the Divine in all things and everyone
Conquers the fear, greed, lust, and hate in man.
So, "rest in peace" the Spiritual Masters say
When they teach the ancient
Himalayan Yogi Spiritual laws.
For peace of mind, and love in the heart for the Divine,
Are the goals of life and enlightenment’s friends.

Forgive the ones whom you think have hurt you
And also those whom you think you have harmed.
For truly, we are only One in this game of life.
The Lord God is not only our Loving Friend,
He is the collective we,
And We are He as One.


Life is a dream 夢幻人世間

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Deva said...

that is a beautiful poem Utpalavati, the energy of the Divine is coming through...hari bol