Monday, July 25, 2011

Love's Pearls of Wisdom - Mahavatar Babaji

This picture of Mahavatar Babaji Swami Vishwananda likes very much. It is said that it was manifested by Babaji in 1954 for a disciple, although I personally have not heard Swami say anything about it

Rings on fingers tell a story in time. Roses bloom in springtime and sleep beneath winter snows. One knows when to tune into the energy of the rose therefore. Energy emanating from stones in rings spirals upward and affects many aspects of man’s physical, mental, and spiritual nature. Be aware of the stones you wear and the attributes contributed to them. Energy from stones is like an amulet adorned with the Masters touch if you should be so sound in body, mind and spirit to receive one such as this and use it to its proper advantage. Pray for your resonance and understanding of such things. Be ready to honor the stones you wear, for indeed, they are as alive as you. Let it be known that pictures of Saints, Spiritual Teachers and Masters on your planet carry the vibration of the Master depicted, even as stones in rings may carry the Master’s touch, and vibration. Be aware of this and it can benefit you greatly on your spiritual path.

Mahavatar Babaji

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Anonymous said...

I have been with Swami for 4 years now. When I met him and other devotees for the first time, many of them had rings with stones that Swami had given them. I became a devotee of Swami and my mind craved for a ring for a long time, I kept wondering 'why has Swami not given me a ring'? I work hard for him and it's been almost a year, everyone else seems to get a ring. Oh how the mind craves! I think this must have been a game of sorts by Swami. When my mind finally stopped thinking about it he produced a 9 planet pendant on my birthday 2 years ago. It was not a ring like everyone else but I was very grateful. For some reason it disappeared one day when I was at work. Swami has given me several items over the past few years and all of them have disappeared on me!
By this, I can only assume that all things are impermanent - even jewellery.