Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guru Purnima 2011 with Sri Swami Vishwananda and On Tour With Paartha

On Tour With Swami Vishwapaarthananda: Yesterday Paartha performed the Kailash Puja-Yagna to Maha Lakshmi at Schuepfen, Switzerland. The home where the Yagna was held is very close to the home in which Paartha grew up. The puja was beautiful and special to me as Maha Lakshmi is my Ishtadev. The people were very happy that Paartha was there performing the puja-yagna. I was invited to do an impromptu and unscheduled short Satsang about my work with Mahavatar Babaji and His new book.

Yesterday and today we have seen the Swiss Alps, so beautiful. Previous days it was raining and cloudy obscuring the mountains. Of course, the Alps remind me of my own Colorado Rocky Mountains in America. -Utpalavati

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Anonymous said...

Swami vishwananda, has truly shown what it is God wants of us as people. To trust in ourselves and have faith in God always is key to growing spiritually. Thank you Guruji for all your loving guidance to finding my way to God. I love you and I am forever greatful for your guidance. Jai Gurudev!