Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Language of Love

Love is a language, which the limited words that we speak, can’t express; it can be felt only. It’s a language that the mother understands. When a newborn baby comes on earth the baby doesn’t speak. It’s a heart-to-heart communication and this heart-to-heart communication is the true language. This is the language of love, the language of the soul. Life without this language, life without love is of no use. Even if someone doesn’t feel love, there is a degree of love, or otherwise nothing would exist. A life without love is like a land, which you can till as much as you want, but it will never be fertile. The life with a little bit of love, that’s what we call joy.

AMOR IMMORTALS - Song Of Immortal Love

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Anonymous said...

Thank You Babaji and Utpalavati for this qoute of Gurudev!
Little bit of love is enjoyment but the opened heart - the true love is exstacy! The choice is ours - to start shareing and careing or keep receiving only and consuming! Joy or bliss, freedom or selfdelusion in suffocation and limitation!JGD