Monday, January 17, 2011

Mahavatar Babaji ECard

Swami Vishwananda answers Ramayotee's Question:
Question: In my current AK-course just today we emphasized the importance of chanting God`s name as often as possible. Concerning our AK-practice, I would like to ask Mahavatar Babaji (who referred the question to Swami) why we focus during Nada Kriya on the right ear? The question repeatedly was asked by course participants.

Swami's Response: Referring to the question: The right ear is more sensitive in hearing than the left. And also because it's far from the heart, so the beating of the heart will not affect the hearing of the cosmic sound OM. That’s why it's said to concentrate on the right ear, whereas the left ear is connected directly to the physical beating of the heart. Much love sv


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