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Katrin's Experience with Mahavatar Babaji

Sri Swami Vishwananda in the Babaji Cave
at Shree Peetha Nilaya

Katrin’s Experience With Mahavatar Babaji

In his book, “Unity With the Divine”, Mahavatar Babaji offered a meditation he called, “The Forty Day Meditation.” Many people around the world have since completed this 40 days of meditation. At Babaji’s instruction in his book, one may connect with him in meditation daily for optimally an hour or more. And if one is committed to only 10 minutes a day for forty days, Babaji wrote that he will be there with you in even 10 minutes for forty days. The consecutive 40 days of meditation is important for one’s commitment to complete this meditation Katrin speaks of one of her profound experiences during this mediation.

Katrin: During the “Forty Day Meditation” with Babaji, I once was so tired that I fell asleep during the meditation. I tried again and again, but could not stay awake anymore, so I gave up and lay down to sleep. I prayed to Babaji: ‘Please Babaji, today I am too tired to meditate, please visit me in my dreams.’ And he did! That night I had this special dream:

I was walking through Shree Peetha Nilaya (Sri Swami Vishwananda’s ashram in Springen, Germany) when I met Babaji. There was a special atmosphere around me and it felt like a high vibration but at the same time peaceful and still.

Without moving his lips, Babaji talked to me in a language I never had heard before (at least in this lifetime), but I understood every word. It felt like he was directly speaking into my brain. Nobody had ever talked to me like this before. Babaji instructed me to bend the upper part of my body. I could not see him because I was bent over, but it felt like Babaji held his hands over my sacrum and I felt a big relief. (Sacrum: a triangular bone at the base of the spine that joins to a hip bone on each side and forms part of the pelvis. In human beings it consists of five fused vertebrae.)

I knew without a doubt then that Babaji wanted me to look into his eyes again, and so I did. Again he talked to me in this special way. He said: “I will now connect you with _________, who has not incarnated on Earth for eons. (When I woke up, I remembered everything except this name. It was like Babaji had said a name of which I was not to speak in the future?) He then connected me with this energy he had named and I felt an enormous strong current going through my body like lightening. Babaji reported to somebody else, (I could "hear" and I knew that he was talking to someone about my strong reaction.) Mahavatar Babaji then disappeared as I realized that Babaji had reconnected me with all I once knew.

Normally, I can’t remember dreams clearly. Most of the time my dreams are confusing, but this one with Babaji was crystal clear. I cannot find a better description than saying it felt super real. This experience with Mahavatar Babaji felt more real than the reality I face and live in every day!

Katrin Mozaffari-Anari

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