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At the Feet of the Gods 2011

Picture of Sri Swami Vishwananda's feet
manifesting Holy Oil

Happy New Year

At the Feet of the Gods
A Ragini In Poetry Form

God says that He made man in His own image.
Sometimes it seems in the legends of the Gods

That the Gods themselves act lower-nature like man.
Like those Gods masked as man,
In lower nature and ignorance, said to Christ Jesus:

If ye be the son of God, Come down off that cross.

Show us that you can help us by helping yourself.”
And Christ did show this,
But not in the way they thought just then.
He showed how to take the physical form
To Divine Light Body and back to His Father God !
And he said that we could be like that, too.
I believe it, don't you?

But in the annals of time. . .

The God, Indra, impersonates a sage
And subsequently lives with his spouse
As husband and wife.Then Vishnu
While incarnated as Rama,
Liberates the cursed and saintly Ahilya
From the Stone she sat in for centuries...

Rama sends Sita to the burning fire
To test her purity during her time in the
Ten-headed demon Ravana’s hands.
Women stand up and shot…
Hey Gods up there, out there, in there,
Or wherever you are…
Are you listening?
It was not woman Sita’s fault,
But rather that of a demon-man!
Would that the God Rama kills and liberates
the demon Ravana,
And sends his chaste wife, the lovely Sita,
To the fiery embers, true?
Where is the justice and dharma in that?
We really want to know !

And we read that Vishnu and Brahma are jealous
Of Shiva’s unlimited nature
And spend a thousand years looking for
The end of him.

If . . .
The Gods impersonate a husband and
Live as spose with his wife
As Indra is reportedly to have done, and
Maha Vishnu was dharmicly bound to liberate
The saintly wife, Ahilya, from the stone
In which she had sat for centuries...

If. . .
Rama bows to common judgment of man,
Rather than Divine wisdom, and then sends Sita
To purification’s testing fire. . .

If. . .
Vishnu and Brahma are jealous of
Shiva’s perceived “Divine greater power”
World Without end, Amen…

Did you ever dare to wonder how it is
That man continues to trust and love
These Gods who seemingly, and reportedly too,
Do the very lower-nature things like man,
Those things that the Gods teach man that
They truly should transform and move on beyond?

I confess . . . I have!
Many times and time again and again.

Right in the middle of your doubt and wondering,
The Gods do something perfectly Divine,
Like showing up in meditation
And giving you instruction and
Mahavatar Babaji’s Kriya Shakti,
Of which you are certain,
Moves you forward on your Path—
That Atma Kriya,
Swami Vishwananda’s Bhakti Way.

Or out of the blue, the Gods gift you a siddhi,
The Divine Right of Kings and Gods. . .
Or a lovely, smiling, beautiful-faced God gives you
A Samadhi experience by pulling your hair,
Wherein for seven hours you see
Through silver, shimmering light.
Draw a picture of that!

And you hear, feel and see. . .
The Heartbeat of God in everything…
And everyone who is near.

Or God gives you a boon
Straight from Shiva and Mt. Kailash. . .
That God who is renowned for giving boons, and,
You have been praying to him
During Shivaratri’s Firey Lingam Night.

And then you notice the very same Gods,
Who make you wonder. . .
Are the Gods crazy, or what?
Watch them. . .
“That is blasphemy”,
The Christian God surely might say
From the burning bush of Moses’ day.

You perceive that the very same Gods who
Give you countless reasons to doubt them,
Also, sincerely and brilliantly
Do have the radiance of
Something indefinably and
Heavenly out of this world,
Something simply and gracefully Divine.
And your spiritual heart melts at the feet of
These self-same Gods who give you boons,
Pull your hair, Smile with a thousand suns,
Run with the wind of Hanuman,
The Dharma of Ram,
The perseverance of Vishnu’s preserving,
The Creativeness of Brahma,
The thunder bolts of destruction-regeneration
Of Shiva and his Nataraja dance.
Shout Alleluia and Sing out loud and clear
Nat…a…ra…ja ---- Nat…a…ra…ja.

And you think to solve this problem:
For God's sake, get a life !
Get a hero !
No ! I’m stamping my two-year-old ego feet !
I won’t…I won’t…I won’t..
I am done with third-dimensional that!

Rather. . .

Just capitulate,
Throw in the towel,
Bow and kiss the holy feet:
Wear your borrowed sari
From Chakraita,
That lovely Indian Madonna,
In just the right Jewel-tone
Of the deepest, shinning, sequined burgundy,
That's truly the Indian way.
Paint on Vishnu’s V-Tilak
Making sure it is in the proper forehead spot,
The still-alive ego shouts,
Swami will notice it’s not drawn straight,
For surely he will be looking for you !
Kiss the Christian icons of blood,
Hair, bone and cloth,
Sing and dance till the stroke of midnight
On New Years’ Eve’s bright night,
Till 2011
Rings in this 365 days before. . .
Dear beautiful-faced God,
Is it doomsday 2012?
And only God knows what will happen then !
Saints be praised.

And love divinely and unconditionally these crazy,
Unbelievable charming Gods
With all your mind,
With all your heart,
And with all your soul…
Just like the Christian Bible of your youth
Still says: "Love the Lord, thy God ", like that.

Cause all is right with the Gods,
Mankind and this world.
Amen and Om.



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Utpalavati,
your poem somehow has the power to
connect us more intimately to the gods.You give knowledge in between
the lines that on a deeper level of
understanding and of consciousness
we -as human beings-and them -as gods- are one.
In this context i have a question to Mahavatar Babaji:Could He speak to us about the different
situation between the Gods and
human beings concerning liberation?
JGD Ramayotee