Sunday, January 23, 2011

God Created Two Worlds on Earth

Often one asks: “Why do we need a Guru? Many people say, “I don’t need one. I don’t need a teacher. I don’t need somebody to guide me. If you don’t need a teacher, you don’t need a guide, why do you go to school? You don’t need it? The same applies on the spiritual path. God created two worlds with this world; one is the spiritual world and one is the material world.

The material world consists of a few things which everybody runs after; wealth, fame, power. At last they are running after all the things which can exist only in this world and which are limited to this physical plane. So, when these few things are removed from the people who are running after them, what is left? There is nothing. Zero! You ask these people, “What have you achieved in life?” They will say, “Nothing,” or they will talk about something which is within this limitation.

The spiritual life, the spiritual world is the opposite of all this, because one craves to know the Divine, one craves to understand the Divine, one longs for the Divine. It is not just without an objective, without knowing where one wants to go, it’s difficult and mostly nowadays not many people know. Only the teacher can give you this knowing, only a Paramguru (the Guru beyond, Guru of one’s Guru), a Satguru (teacher who takes you to God) can give you this. The rest will take you so far, to certain limitations and then what happens? One always stays in this circle.

GOD'S Creation

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