Thursday, January 13, 2011

Letter From Babaji: Math Assignment for You

High heeled shoes were once in vogue for women of all ages. They are transmitters of the Law of Attraction. And, of course, men have similar life issues for their gender. Sensible women of all ages today, rarely if ever, wear this type of shoe. Why is this decision strange for most still today? The ego of man caters to the senses, the desires. In the instances of the most uncomfortable to the body high heels, they are worn to appeal to the sense of attraction. We are not condemning or condoning the wearing of high heels. And we are not advocating that there is something fundamentally wrong in the method of attraction. We simply are using this as an example of how the sense of attraction may lead women to wear a highly uncomfortable item of apparel in order to attract.

According to the strength of the “magnetic moment” magnets, through the negative and positive field, literally crash into each other.
-A magnet is defined as:
-An object that is surrounded by a magnetic field and that has the property, either natural or induced, of attracting iron or steel.
-An electromagnet.
-A person, a place, an object, or a situation that exerts attraction

This magnetism exists in the sense desires of man. One must learn to control the mind which causes the attraction through the thoughts allowed to run free. So it is that control of the mind is fundamental in the cooperation between the mind and heart of man to bring into harmony thought, word and deed which is the Royal Road to Enlightenment.

It is simple math as to how you create everything that is in your life experience, isn’t it? If you accept this as truth, then how is it that many of you with whom I work in your Atma Kriya and in your meditations today still are what you term unhappy? You know the simple mathematical formula; now what are you doing about it? One still perceives himself as the “doer” until enlightenment. Avoidance is not the answer to this mathematical equation. Facing one’s self (the ego-self) and the Self (atma, soul) is the spiritual mathematical answer, do you see? Know thyself and be free! –Babaji

Note Utpalavati: After Babaji transmitted this message, my mind wandered back to 2006 when I first met Swami Vishwananda. Not wearing high heels at darshan was one of the many things I had to deal with in going to darshan—my ego being what it was at that time. Somewhere along the line with Swami Vishwananda something changed for me around this issue. Now, I rarely wear high heels and only when appropriate in the world as it is today with its dress codes in certain situations.

I now realize that detachment to even this small thing, like dominoes in a line falling when the first one is touched lightly, has brought me to detachment from many other material things in my life. Swami Vishwananda is my most effective teacher in this incarnation through his lovingly subtle way of being the catalyst for life change and detachment. Could this be attributed to the power of attunement to the love and teachings of the Satguru? I realize this to be so. I know this to be truth!

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