Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Letter from Mahavatar Babaji: Gifts of the Spirit

The gifts of the spirit come to those who have given unto the world of man their hearts wrapped in Divine Love. Time sometimes dulls the gifts of the spirit as the recipient falls into maya’s game. So it is with every one of you on this planet. Various stages of attaining the Divine Love within man can be studied in today’s time as you observe yourself and others. Often one on the spiritual path, who is climbing back up the chakra energy centers within the spine of man, creates envy within himself for the place on the path and the gifts others exemplify. Remember that these ones have done the work and have attained the energetic connection to the Divine that these gifts of the spirit embody and radiate outward into creation. And so must you who wish to once again reconnect fully with Divine Love within your heart to move forward.

When this happens for you, this envy, my chelas, re-enter the chambers of your heart and remember that you, too, have had these gifts of the spirit in your past time and you will have this again in your future time. Do you want sincerely this Love Divine your teacher Swami Vishwananda talks about with you? We must rid ourselves of this envy, through purification of our chakras, to attain the Divine light that projects the gifts of the spirit from within one’s self into the world of man and into creation’s cosmos beyond time.

Why do we wish to rid ourselves of envy? Tell me now before reading further? Be assured that I hear you, and if you trust fully, I will respond in a way that you will know that we are having an internal conversation. This “still small voice” is a gift of the spirit that resides within each soul and each heart. Some of you have heard the story of my disciple wherein I began teaching my student to control the mind with a lesson of juggling tennis balls. You see, the student played tennis in the life game at that time. Like this, I will meet you where you are on your path, and I will teach you what you need to know at this stage of your game of life. Swami Vishwananda patiently reaches out to each of you in numerous ways in his spiritual work for the planet and man. So it is that we can move forward all together as a world family in unity. So Be It.

Envy: jealousy, greed, desire, resentment, spite.

Mahavatar Babaji Mere Gurudev

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