Monday, November 1, 2010

Mahavatar Babaji First Ecard Sent to You by Atma Kriya

Swami Vishwananda's Atma Kriya Foundation sends you the first Ecard of Mahavatar Babaji.


Anonymous said...

wow, beautiful ecard,
thank u for sharing :)

Utpalavati said...

Reminder: Babaji answers most comments on the Inner Planes with the one who comments on this blog. In those instances, Babaji does not publish those comments here.

He tends to publish the comments that He deems may be beneficial for everyone.

And...He knows who you are regardless of how you sign your name, of course.

Love and blessings,

Tarun said...

Dear Utpalavati,

thank You for Your work.

With Respect and Love

Anonymous said...

Jay Guru Dev, dear Mahavatar Babaji,
I'm so grateful for your words and your presence which I feel each day more and more intense. Actually, I can't find words to express this. Thank You for using every method to reach us deep in our hearts! It is so needed in this time now! And thank you, dear Utpalavati for your wonderful Seva!
I wish you love and blessings

Anonymous said...

Got a little wish fulfilled with this card.There is One who knows us all. Thank you!