Friday, November 12, 2010

Letter from Mahavatar Babaji: Ebb and Flow of Life

Have you noticed that on the spiritual path, which is your whole life in reality, life often seems to ebb and flow like the ocean? Some friends may think the ebbs are unfriendly, horrendous, without beauty and lonely, as if one is walking alone! We often forget during these times of the ebb tide of life that the Divine is ever present! Then, when the harmonious flow begins again, we are happy and industrious, and generally productive. Then Karma Yoga feels like a wonderful expression in life and Bhakti Yoga seems the natural way to express life. All the yogic paths are one and each one contains all of the paths as one is guided from within to follow one focused path!

What would happen if an attitude change were created by ones who think like this: the ebbs and flows become one—that is the equanimity of mind and heart that is so often spoken about in spiritual traditions would manifest with this attitude change? I recommend you all take this suggestion and meditate on it and place it into your thoughts and actions the next time you find yourselves in the ebb tides of life and eventually in all times of your life. Even the ocean has ebbs and flows; it is the nature of nature and life.

This attitude change could be the making of a Master Mind within any spiritual tradition. You see, in order to attain the realization that all of life is one, whether it is identified in the norm as good or bad, happy or despondent, truly is the personification of Oneness. And, to your great advantage, duality has no place in this kind of thinking, acting and living. In this way of being, you will have remembered Bhakti, devotion to God, and Divine Love will flow harmoniously. When you perceive and live life in the Christ-Krishna Consciousness of the Unity or Oneness Vibration, harmony will reign in the life. Peace will come to you in your meditations and in your life in general. Chanting the Divine name in all the circumstances and meditations in life is most beneficial in creating peace, harmony and Divine love which will spring forth from the depths of your True Self, your soul. Then, my friends you will be free from the slow progression of karmic delays in your evolution into Light Body—enlightenment.

-Babaji, one who is ever committed to your freedom— your advancement into light and love.

Swami Vishwananda explains Bhakti: “Bhakti Marga is Sanskrit and its meaning is--path (marga) of devotion (bhakti).

Bhakti Marga is a way of life, a path to the Heart and connection to the inner Self and Divine Love. When there is spiritual awakening within the soul, a deep desire for inner change surfaces, that “calling” can be overwhelming and seem intangible. The path of devotion offers a direct way to answer the ‘calling’.”

Swami Vishwananda Sings The Divine Name:
Narayana Hari OM

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mahavatar,back in Springen and
back from evening prayer and meal
in my room my heart enjoys every word of Your letter.Still saturated
with bliss from the temple Your letters are like receiving another
devine present! Yes,it would be best for our souls to be in oneness
always,independent of the ups and downs of life.Your guiding light
becomes brighter from day to day.
We can feel it with eyes closed.
Ebb and flow soon will unite in
our consciousness.It will be the
moment Garuda takes us on his wings
to give us a taste of Paramatma.
Please,continue Your walk in our
direction!We long for unity!
Ramayotee JGD