Thursday, November 4, 2010

Enjoy the Amrit, the Nectar

Swami Vishwananda:
If you take the name of any deity like Rama, or Krishna, they all have a Guru. They all have a teacher to guide them. They are the embodiment of the Divin
e fully. They could have said: “It’s okay we don't need a Guru and that's that”. Yet they show that in life one needs the blessing of a Guru and the way to receive it is through satsang, through gathering. In general why do people go to a master and receive what the master is giving? You see, it is because the master carries the amrit, the nectar. Even when you don't perceive it with the mind, you do receive it through satsang. Through our talk (your reading) you are receiving something and what you are receiving is contributing to your advancement. What you are receiving, even if you receive it without knowing, is the amrit. Being in the now, the present is the greatest gift. Enjoy the nectar, enjoy the sweetness.

-Swami Vishwananda

During the "churning of the ocean of milk" the churning produced Amrita, nectar or elixir. Dhanvantari, the physician of the gods and an incarnation of Vishnu, emerged from the ocean carrying a holy urn of elixir.

Amrita or Amrit is a Sanskrit word that literally means "immortality". It often is referred to in texts as nectar. The word's earliest occurrence is in the Rigveda where it is one of several synonyms of Soma, the drink which confers immortality upon the gods. It has various significances in different Dharmic Traditions.

Amrita is repeatedly referred to as the drink of the gods, which grants them immortality. Amrita features in the "churning of the ocean of milk" as recorded in the Puranas. It describes how the gods, because of a curse from the sage Durvasa, begin to lose their immortality. Assisted by their mortal enemies the asuras, they churn the ocean of milk and create (among other wonderful things) amrita, the nectar of immortality.

In yogic traditions amrita is a fluid that can flow from the pituitary gland (third eye) down the throat in deep states of meditation. It is considered quite a boon. Some yogic texts say that one drop is enough to conquer death and achieve immortality.

Mahavatar Babaji Quote of the Day:

Let it be that you connect with higher vibrations such as Swami Vishwananda teaches. He continually pours forth light and love in his darshans, his Atma Kriya teachings and all the spiritual activities he makes available to you who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Let the Christ* of modern day lead you to understanding that Divine Love remembered is simply the absence of fear. And embrace that truth in your meditations and in your life, in everything, in every thought, in every action, in every word, and in every language.

*Mahavatar is using the word ‘Christ’ in this meaning/definition: Messiah is the transliteration of a Hebrew word, Mashiach. The New Testament (Greek) equivalent is Christos. Both terms mean ‘the anointed one’. Swami Vishwananda has been sent or 'anointed'' by higher beings to do his mission, which is to open hearts to Divine Love, even as Christ was anointed to do his particular mission in his day.

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