Friday, November 26, 2010


Welcome to the world of Kriya,
practice within a yoga discipline.
This practice will connect you with your heart,
purify and align
all your chakras, and set you free.

-Babaji -
Quote of the Day

The Heart

When the rolls of bread line up on the shelf
The white, the brown, the seven grain,
The low sodium
The women’s bread, the men’s bread, and so on,
How is one to choose?
Be thankful for the choices: for looks, for taste,
For nutrition, and choose wisely.

It is like that in all of life,
One chooses one of the five senses
To satisfy—
The sight in looks, the taste buds for pleasure,
The smell of fine wine or perfume,
The touch of some one's lips,
The sweet sound of a lover's voice whispering,
"I love you".

Eventually, perhaps
After countless centuries,
One progresses to choosing the Heart. . .
The sixth sense. . .
The sense awareness that knows
That nutritional bread
Feeds the body cells first,
Gives energy and thereby the soul prospers
Through imbibing spiritual bread and wine.

One day, somewhere in the sands of time,
The soul stirs and one realizes that desires
Are endless and one never is satisfied,
And never fulfilled through desires.
Eventually the heart opens to Divine Love,
And one begins the journey to Freedom—
The Desireless state.
And one is thankful for all the great and numerous
Choices the Divine has provided for Man.
And from the Heart he then chooses wisely.


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