Friday, September 3, 2010

VBV Sends You An Ecard: The Butterfly

Virtual-Babaji-Vishwananda Sends you
A Butterfly E-Card.

We wrap it in Love Divine. . .and inside
You will find Sacred Amrita,
The nectar of the Gods. . . .


Like Snow on Mt. Ranikhet
Where Mahavatar Babaji sometimes roams,
So they say. . .Have you seen him there?

And naturally, like Swami Vishwananda’s
Heavenly, magnificent Smile,
That not even the brilliance of a thousand
Diamonds could begin to outshine.
And like his Divine Love at Darshan
that fills every room from corner to corner,
And every ceiling to every floor.

And like each one of you who read this VBV-Blog
And choose to vibrate with Babaji’s Standing Question:
From your heart, will you resonate?

When you have read the Ecard,
Perhaps you will pray that Mahavatar Babaji
And Swami Vishwananda will send you struggles,
For it is the challenges in life that manifest our
Wings to fly ” Home to freedom’s doorway
Of the Spiritual Heart!

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