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OUR MIND and A Short Story by Babaji

Swami Vishwananda Swami Vishwananda: Darshan Talk - September 4, 2010

Continued From Yesterday: The animal is bound very much with intuition, and they follow their intuition. Mankind is gifted with this great gift of knowledge, of using it in a proper way; but sadly, they don't use it in a proper way. They know that this will bring misery to them, but they do that much more, because they say afterwards, we can change it. But when is the afterwards? If now you can't change, afterwards will be too late. So changes start now when you are aware of yourself, when you are aware how you are looking at things. That's why the scriptures said, chant the Divine name. Let your mind submerge and transform itself through the Divine chanting and let the real love awaken inside of you. Because this love is not by looking in the outside; it's by looking within you.

Now, this unconditional love is not about today you say to somebody, "Yes, I love you," and tomorrow you say, "I hate you". It's the same person, five minutes you love him and the other five minutes you say, ''I hate the person''. This unconditional love is the real love that, for centuries, for lives, mankind has been looking. And now you are living in a time where you hear it often; you can hear it everywhere, but you are living at a time, also, where you can put it into practice.

If you close this mind, you utilize it in a proper way, and you listen to your intuition. God has given you an intuition to follow, so you have to learn to listen to the intuition in a calm way. You'll be able to hear your intuition only when you're calm, and you will be able to accept what your intuition is telling you. Often I've seen people as they're listening to the mind, but they say, “Swamiji, I have been listening to my intuition“, but actually it's not like that. The difference between the intuition and the mind is two different kinds of voices you will hear. The mind voice always will flatter you. It always will say you are the best one, and whatever you are doing is good, and you should do more things like this. Whereas, the intuition, the intuitive voice inside of you is sharp and direct, and it's not flattering.

Often it happens in your life that you have certain disciplines to take; you feel it, but when you start thinking about it, you take the opposite. Then what happens? When it's done and the result comes, you say, ''Oh, my goodness, I should have taken the other one. I was right; my intuition was right''. Always it happens! So, like that, you really have to be attentive of this inner voice. When you are attentive to this inner voice, and the more you listen to this inner voice, the more you will be directed into the right way, into the way of your path. And this path is up to you. Nobody can tell you, and I can't come and tell you, you do this like that. You will say, ''Oh, you can talk as much as you want; I will do what I feel''.

Somebody, like a month ago told me, ''You know, Swamiji, I feel like coming and staying here''. I said, 'Well, like you, there are a hundred people who feel the same'. I said, 'No, we can't'. Then she said, ''Well, I feel it inside, I will come''. I said, 'Well, you can come, but you will not stay here'. But she said, ''My brother and sister are here, I will be here''. It's good to see the determination, but if one is not ready to listen, then it's just the game of the mind. So, when you start to follow your intuition, not the mind, it will make you listen more. Nowadays, people are just talking, talking, talking, talking, but very few people listen. It's like the control of the tongue, I said earlier. It's difficult, because there's no bones in it; it's difficult to control it.

So, how many people really listen? Here they listen, then they forget, but they're quickly, talking, talking, talking. The tongue goes faster. Sometimes, they're still thinking what they will talk, but the tongue has already said it. This is how quickly the tongue goes. So, watch yourself, you know, daily analyze yourself. Again, I said analyze, not judging, to see how you are functioning, how the mind is functioning. How many judgements have you put? And see if it is judgment or criticism; see it in yourself. Where does this path lie within me? Because if I am seeing a fault in somebody else, it has to be inside of me; it's a mirror. Like that, little by little, you will be able to change yourself, to change your mind, firstly, so that the self can reveal itself to you. So, it's not a process of one month, but it's a daily process throughout life, but it depends on you to change now, to start it now. Perhaps, later on, one day, you will be able when you hear your inner voice, to hear the Divine inside of you. You will be happy listening to this voice and follow it. Jai Gurudev.

A Short Story by Mahavatar Babaji: Once there was a sadhu who wandered the mountains of Badrinath, India. I was walking and spending some time there once, when I encountered this sadhu sitting outside his cave on a sunny spring morning in 1922, your time. I asked him, 'How long have you been here, sir'? He said, “Forever, I have been here for time out of mind". I asked, “Why do you sit here on this mountain continuously when there is a cosmos to explore out there"? He replied as he pointed to his heart, “The greater cosmos, all of it, I have inside here”.

Maha Vishnu Temple Badrinath, India
My friends, this is a great truth, “You carry within you all that is, ever was, and ever will be”. Your mind and the clutter you allow yourself to move around and keep you occupied each day, in contemporary times, keeps you in bondage to your own creation of limitation. The sadhu I encountered that day, to the casual eye, seems to be confined to a small space on Earth. But modern man, literally, is confined to the small part of his brain he allows himself to run around in each day, like a laboratory rat in a maze of the scientist’s making. Free yourselves of the mind games you play which keep you in the cage of the mind.

I am Babaji, and I wish for you all, that you soon may find the freedom that sadhu still enjoys, to this day in your time, in Babrinath, India.
-Mahavatar Kriya Babaji

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Tarun said...

Dear Babaji, Dear Guriji,
Dear Sisters and Brothers,

just i come back from Mudra Kurs 2 in Kiel... Swamiji is my Love, my sorrow, my hope, my happiness...

So much things i could do better, more discipline, more meditation, and so on. He knows me.

His humility, humor and wisdom is touching me deeply.

He makes me embarrassed.

Thank You for Your Love.

In Love