Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Letter From Babaji: Look for the Heart of Everything

Once there was a small boy who lived high in the Himalayas of India. Each morning he went to fetch water from the nearby spring that pooled from the snows that melted in the spring there. One day he found to his astonishment a small fish in the pond. He quickly went home and brought some bread crumbs to the tiny fish. He did not know whether or not fish ate bread.

The fish grew and each morning the little boy brought bread crumbs for the fish. There came a time when the boy’s mother fell sick and the little boy was worried as his mother did not seem to be improving. The boy began talking to this fish that by now was a big fish as time had passed. One day the boy heard a voice speaking when he had said: “Oh, my little fish that now is big, I weep for my mother who suffers with an illness that will not go away. Would that Vishnu, the Great Supreme Being, have mercy on my mother so that she will be well.” Immediately a voice from nowhere and everywhere said: “Little boy go home and take this medallion I give you, and place it on the third eye of your mother. Say a prayer to Vishnu and by evening your mother will be well. She will arise and cook your food. Now go and be happy, for you have reached the hand and heart of Vishnu with your love for this fish! “ And suddenly, the fish opened its mouth, and spit out a silver medallion which landed gently in the boy’s hand. The face of the little boy, that had not grown as fast as the fish, as is nature’s way, thanked the fish and ran home to do the bidding of The Supreme Being, Vishnu.

Surely the words of the voice were spoken truth as everything happened to the little boy’s mother according to the words of unknown origin he had heard as he looked at the fish in the small pond. The next morning the little boy ran to the spring to tell the fish what had occurred to his mother. When he looked into the pond, the fish was nowhere to be found. The boy was sad, but knowing the ways of nature, he thought that perhaps the fish had swam away for a bigger spring and maybe to find some other fish which whom he could play. Nevertheless the little boy bowed his head and folded his hands in prayer. This is the prayer he prayed, but in his own small words:

Thank you Oh, Supreme Being,
Your hand is in nature and all things,
Your love is apparent in the wind and rain,
The bird singing and the tiger’s roar.
Thank you for hearing my prayer,
And thank you for my life and my
Mother’s happiness in being well
So that she can take care, once again,
For me, her child.

May all men find your love and your grace.
Bless the small and the great of creation.
Bless everyone in all the worlds and bring
Them to your lotus feet of Divine Love.

Narayana-Vishnu - The Supreme Being

Suddenly, the little fish that first the little boy had seen appeared, once again, in the pond. And he seemed to be smiling, to the little boy’s delight. Suddenly, from the eyes of the fish, rainbow colors of light rays spread out in every direction. Inside the beautiful, magnificent colors stood the God, Vishnu, who smiled at the little boy. Strangely, the smile reminded him of the little fish that seemed to smile earlier. Then to the little boy’s amazement, a voice like the one he had heard say his mother would be well, now came from Vishnu, the God, Itself: “Be blessed, for you who seek and see God in the all, even in a tiny fish, shall be instruments of my Love and you shall lead others to this realization that God is in everything, in you and the All.” Amen and OM. –Mahavatar Babaji

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Anonymous said...

A heart-touching inspiration from
Mahavatar`s soul.Deep thanks!
JGD Ramayotee