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Two Attunements With The Guru: One with the Param Guru, Mahavatar Babaji, and one with the Guru, Swami Vishwananda:

Attunement With The Param Guru Mahavatar Babaji: (Param Guru—The Guru beyond, the Guru’s Guru; Babaji is our Guru, Swami Vishwananda’s Guru): This following experience was placed on the blog entry of two days ago, September 26, 2010, entitled: “Letter from Babaji—Let Me Tell You Something of Great Importance”.

Dear Babaji, Dear Guruji,
Thank you! I read your precious letter and I didn't stop crying. And your love—the Love entered sweetly into my heart like in the past, like before I was born. And I felt a strong desire and yearning to return Home toward You. Thank you for helping us in our path in this Earth, each day!

Swami Vishwnanada:
Dream of Sunday, September 26, 2010:
Swami Vishwananda and I were in a room with some other people. I was distressed about something. Swami gave me a bottle of “medicine” in a strange sort of make-shift bottle, with an improvised stopper or lid made of paper towel rolled and stuffed into the opening. Suddenly my youngest son came over to me. I saw that he was spilling some of the medicine Swami had given him. Being the mother, I quickly pulled out the paper towel stopper from my bottle of medicine and was able to catch some of my son’s spilling medicine. (This is funny now, but in the dream, the situation was very serious!)

Swami came over and I asked him, “Oh, Swami, I just caught this medicine my son was spilling from his medicine bottle into the bottle of medicine you gave me. Is it still all right for me to take this medicine? Swami, said, “No, it would not be good for the person for whom I made the medicine to mix the medicines.”

Then all the people left the room and Swami hugged me, like he does with everyone sometimes, in an effort to comfort me about my distress and ruining the medicine he had given me. Suddenly the door handle began to turn and I thought of Swami and me in the room alone. I quickly start to move away from Swami’s hug before the person could come into the room. Swami held on all the tighter, and I could not get away from his arms. The dream ended before the person at the door actually came into the room.

Interpretation of the Dream:

1) Since Swami Vishwananda came into my life in 2006, it seems everything has dropped away: people, places and things. I spend 99% of my time alone now, have very little social life, and cannot seem to locate any new interests besides my Guru.

2) I have been trying for 3 months or more to go to Springen and stay near Swami for sometime. There seems to be delay and more delays. Last Sunday, I was speaking with my daughter, and we were discussing what could be the problem that I can’t seem to get over to Springen to be near Swami at least for awhile. Then I had the dream with Swami that night.

3) Making the medicine not usable through “mixing” the two medicines represents my determination to hang onto my children, whom I dearly love unconditionally. And this is my number one attachment that is keeping me from surrendering to the Guru. I chose my son over the Guru in the situation Swami had orchestrated by giving us the two medicines, my son spilling his medicine (rejecting), and, me, the mother coming to the rescue even when the son did not want the medicine in the first place. My son is old enough to care for himself now and my duty to my three children has decreased. I am free to surrender everything to the Guru. Swami giving me the medicine to be taken internally represents the detachments and changes I still must make, inside, in order to be free to go to the Guru. The person Swami made the medicine for was, of course, my inner Self!

4) The symbol of Swami hugging me and a person trying to come in the door who surely would see us: I was not worried about Swami. I was worried that I would look to the person like an emotional female with no self-control and mind-control, and finding myself in a distressful situation, I needed to have an emotional breakdown and ask for Swami’s help.

5) Even though I thought everything in my life had evaporated and I had detached since I met Swami, there were two areas to which I was still hanging on. One, my children and two, myself—that is I am placing my children and my own will before the Guru’s teaching.

6) In a recent Satsang in Italy, Swami was asked: "What does it mean, exactly, to be loyal to a Guru?"Swami answered:

"That means that even if you disagree, you don't harm. You remove yourself from the front and put your Guru in the first place. The more you do this, the more grace you will have coming through your Guru!"

7) Then Monday morning Swami’s answer to my unwritten question about the dream came per a video placed on VBV blog Monday morning, which I viewed just before I was going to write Swami an email asking him if I had interpreted the dream correctly. (Note: I have done this rarely and only when I feel the dream is of great importance to my spiritual growth. Many dreams Swami helps to decode and interpret them without the need to speak with him or write him! This dream was such a one as that!) These are the words on the video that applied to my situation in the dream of Swami and in my life:

“Like a newborn baby, when he is hungry, he asks even when he does not know how to speak… We can express our heart’s voice by shedding tears. For how many days does that newborn baby, just through crying, have all his desires fulfilled by his mother. If he feels cold, he cries. If he feels hungry, he cries. If he feels pain anywhere, he cries. He has only one remedy for all his demands: crying. This is complete surrender.

8) Swami hanging onto me even though someone was coming into the room: In looking at the symbology of Swami holding onto me tightly in the dream, I was reminded of his saying: “If God has put you here on Earth, He will not let go so easily”. So even though I am hanging onto my children and myself placing us before the Guru, the Satguru will not let go.

9) From this dream and video, Swami has shown me exactly what detachments must come before I free myself to surrender to the Guru. This is not new knowledge, but this dream and quote came at exactly the moment when I realized the meaning of surrender to the Guru, once again. I embraced into my own life what Swami has said so often and in so many ways:

“You remove yourself from the front and put your Guru in the first place. The more you do this, the more grace you will have coming through your Guru!" -Swami Vishwananda


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