Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Compassionate God

Moon divers go to bed each night with delightful dreams floating into the depth of the abyss of Love in the physical form. Human compassion will bring one out of this state of Maya's illusion and take one home to the catapulted stars of the heaven worlds. Compassion for the whole of humanity will bring Divine Love in the hearts of man to the forefront of awareness riding the wave of Love Energy into the heart of the universe itself. Let this benevolent compassion for the whole fill your heart with Divine Love. And be free and happy.  Harken unto the voice of The Compassionate God.

Guardian of All People in All Time
All Faiths All Traditions

Babaji's response to our inquiry -"Beloved ParamGuru, please give your definition of "Moon divers?"  Swamini Lakshmi

Moon Divers definition: The moon is a symbol for romantic lovers in the moonlight. These Moon diver dreamers we speak about are ones who fashion many of their dreams at night around romantic love when they sleep. These ones are caught in the Maya of romantic love and do not focus or guide their will into locating Divine Love in their hearts and then spreading it as Sri Swami Vishwanada teaches.  --Mahavatar Babaji

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