Thursday, January 29, 2015

Coming of Narayana

Swami Vishwananda Tweet  29 January 2015

is waiting that all is ready for his that u can face him face 2 face with eyes of without being burn by his

COMING of  Narayana

In 2010 ...

This blessed and wonderfully beautiful experience was not for Swamini alone. The Lord speaks with an individual and simultaneously  he is communicating with all people everywhere and his entire Creation. How can this  be otherwise, All is One. -svl

Lord Narayana walks toward me from a distance - tall, striding in long steps, very quickly, and it seems with great purpose. When Narayana 
 reaches proximity, we look deeply into each other’s eyes. Instantly we are sitting across a table from each other with a large, round bowl almost covering the table between us.

There is an orange, fruit-like substance in the round bowl in a small amount along the side of the bowl facing Narayana. The bowl looks like it was formed from a metal substance; felt the bowl represented the Kali Yuga, or Iron Age, the majority of people on Earth are living in now

In western style, Narayana picks up a fork in His right hand and takes three bites of the orange fruit-like substance. Rapidly, he spins the bowl around on the table like a spinning top until the fruit substance sits precisely in front of me. This spinning of the bowl, reminds one of Narayana spinning His discus on His finger. Narayana indicates that some of the fruit should be eaten. I pick up a fork, which is on the table beside the large bowl and eat three bites as He has shown.

Narayana says: "Tell the people that the nectar of the Gods is available always to everyone. Like, Sri Swami Vishwananda teaches: 'God is always with you, you are never alone.' This is truth."

While looking at Narayana speaking the last word, "truth," Maha Lakshmi suddenly appears sitting where Lord Narayana was sitting a moment before. Divine Mother is wearing the traditional red sari with tiny, gold tulsi leaves sprinkled on the silk, beautifully draped  deep-red sari accompanied by a gold blouse. She wears no jewelry.  Lakshmi says: "Tell the people: 'My dear children of Earth, take heart, we are with you always.'

 -Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama (Lakshmi)

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