Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Giridhari Appears In Three Spheres Swami Vishwananda

TWITTER 20 January 2015
Giridhari is absolute very form of compassion immovable he appears in 3 Spheres demonstrates his sports n shines with the embodied soul
1st Sphere his distance Sphere is the screen of consciousness as names, indestructible spirit n unfailing it's beyond speech it's called Saket
2nd Sphere is his vast cosmic form, comprise in 1 limb many fold division like millions hairs in every pore endowed with numerous eyes ears
3rd [Sphere] is the embodied soul where he reside to remove all suffering of all human beings n build a relationship with all in the form of Love

Through the holy company of Guru n Saints 1 find the right path of equalty, universal brotherhood n mutual cooperation n unity with God

Swami Vishwananda @vishwananda 
Just as rivers merges with the sea become 1 with it like that if 1 mind n heart is fully absorb in his Divine name become 1 with the Lord 

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