Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mahavatar Babaji Today

Recognize the Divine within.
One will develop this Divine Love
When the true spiritual heart is
Written into the Cosmic Consciousness.
This is one Stream of Love that
Beckons to everyone to surrender and
Come, come, come and dwell here
In the perfection of  Gridhari Narayana's Love.
-Mahavatar Babaji

 And so it is … the ParamGuru stood in radiant, cosmic light as the disciple knelt and touched his beloved,  holy feet. Tears of Bhakti, love and devotion, came from the human eyes, even as the Etheric Light Body and the human was filled with bliss flowing from the Master’s heart to the disciple’s heart.  “And so it is written and so it is” said the eternal, beautiful voice of Mahavatar Babaji, our ParamGuru, our beloved Master of Light, the Immortal Supreme One.

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