Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Price of Peace by Mahavatar Babaji

Masters are pure and have mastered the Earth dimensions and their actions are not readily understood with the mind, The heart is where you will find peace and never in the mind. There you will find the Master, Peace, The Divine and your own divinity.

The price of Peace is unknown to most of man of today. Rampant within the mind, the torrent of thought forms follow the Collective Consciousness into darkness and negativity. 

The Masters come and show you the way. Yet, most of you in the world today are so focused on the material world you ignore them, persecute them, crucify them, gossip and tell falsehood about them and misunderstand them. Today many Masters get crucified in the media through slanted and "spinning" of the Master's and the writer's words.

Listen, observe properly,read and Learn - Realize
Love and Blessings,
Mahavatar Babaji 


Whiteness, like snow, symbolizes purity.
What rolls off the cameras of the media,
the tongues of mankind and the actions
of the worldly masses today rarely is pure.

Politicians promise in their campaigns
all sorts of pure ideals they say they will
manifest if elected. We know this game.
Man, still today, wishes to believe one or the other.
It is to no avail, for they all fall short of their
promises made knowingly that they cannot fulfill them.

Many a Lama in the Himalayan Mountains of
Tibet and ancient Mother India still today are 
pure, like the driven snow, in thought, word and deed.
These pure ones, the Swamis, Sages, Rishis ad the Lamas,
hold a higher vibrational frequency than the man in the world.

God has granted that there will be such ones even as you
have the Saints, Swamis, Avatars and disciples in the world.
God does not leave mankind friendless or without spiritual
guidance as he wanders in the darkness of ignorance
running after Mother Maya and worldly pleasure and wealth.

Now is the time to awaken the spiritual heart within you,
shed your snake skin of maya and reveal the true you -
a Divine Soul having an incarnation in a physical body.
Awaken and walk in the footsteps of these enlightened 
ones, who have shown you the way lifetime after lifetime.
They have been and still are being persecuted by the dark ones.

Be awakened and look for the pure ones on your planet.
The true, pure ones cannot be recognized by their
physical appearance, or even for some actions
deemed impure by Maya’s standard's
but are pure in the greater understanding
of the Masters sure hand on the right
key for each one who comes into contact with him.

Truly, the Great and Pure Ones are in disguise
in a certain and individual way.
They must be realized by their spirit within
and how they make you feel within your spiritual heart!
Adoring a pure and most beautiful face is not full realization,
And your ego will not recognize the pure Master.
You must realize the spirit within the Master and within
Your own spiritual heart.

Amen and OM and Amen.

Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama

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