Friday, August 9, 2013

Loving like Meerabai

We all may have heard and read the story of Meerabai's Love for Krisha many times before, and sill we may be inspired anew by Meerabai's one-pointed love for Krishna.

MEERA: Once Meerabai was standing on the banks of Yamuna and was singing Kirtans of Krishna. Some Vaishnavas passing that way recognized her and knowing her greatness, they prostrated in front of Meera and said,” we have come from Dwaraka. The doors of the temple of Dwaraka have remained closed for sometime now and we are of the collective opinion that only a person of your stature can get the doors open and enable everyone have darshan of Srinathji” (the presiding deity of Dwaraka). Meera said, ”I am not a great bhaktha as you think, But I cannot refuse the wish of vaishnava sadhus like

At Dwaraka Meerabai sang, ”oh, Krishna, Govardhana prabo, Pranams. Oh, Bhaktavatsala, srinatha, In this world you are the only one I know. You are my father, mother, husband and guru. There is no other protector in this world other than you. I have suffered a lot of trials and tribulations in this samsara. Kesava, please take me in your lotus feet, your leela of shutting yourself in is unbearable for us. So ,oh, Gopala, Accept my prayers, bless me and give darshan. ”To the joy and exclamation of the devotees of srinathji who had gathered around, “The doors opened, Lord Krishna with his beautiful lotus eyes and broad smile welcomed her and immediately Meera Bai ran into the temple and embraced Krishna .There was a flash of bright light and She became one with the lord and her form vanished.”

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