Friday, August 16, 2013

A Dream Healing by Premavatar Sri Swami Vishwananda

Premavatar Srie Swami Vishwananda has told me several times over the years: “It is spiritually in harmony to share spiritual experiences if one’s pride and ego are in control and one shares in order to help and inspire others.”
-Swamini Vishwalakshmiananda

In a recent response to a question Gurudev said:
There's a personal (Spiritual) experience, unique to each person, but there is a kind of experience which you have to share. In spiritual books you can find many spiritual revelations. Do you think they would have got to the pages of books, if they are not shared? Imagine if Arjuna said about the revelations received from Krishna: "Cool, but it was only my personal experience.” Then we would not have the Bhagavad Gita and the
Bible. There is an experience that is deep inside you, and you don't need to tell about it. But if you feel that you want to share something, always share this.
Of course, everyone is going through a spiritual experience in his own way. Give people positivity. Maybe now people don't feel and understand, but later, when they will get a similar experience, then he turns inward and  he will understand; it will help him. He realizes that not only is it happening, but that he's not going crazy. 

Healing Dream of Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama:

Gold robe shinning in the sunlight,  I view Premavatar Sri Swami Vishwananda in left profile sitting alone at a small bistro table with only one chair on which he is sitting. He lifts a spoon to his mouth and eats.
With Mahavatar Babaji standing beside me, prompting me, I become aware that Gurudev, symbolically, is “eating” my recent karma and long-standing emotional pain for which  I had been literally “begging and praying” in the dream for him to please eradicate. Bhakti tears began to flow as I thought about the true fact that Guudev was “suffering” in the name of love…for me. I am reminded of the Bono song of the musical band U-2,” In The Name of Love.”

Later I heard Paramahansa Yogananda in an audio CD (being read from Autobiography Of A Yogi) the following quote about Guru Healing, which seemed apropos to my dream healing by Gurudev.

By a secret yogic method the saint unites his mind and astral vehicle with those of a suffering individual. The disease is conveyed wholly, or in part, to the Yogi’s fleshly form. Having harvested God on the physical field, the Master is no longer concerned with his body. Though he may allow it to become diseased in order to relieve another person’s his mind, unpalatable, is unaffected. He considers himself fortunate to render such aid to achieve final salvation on the Lord and indeed to find a human body has indeed fulfilled its purpose. A Master then uses it any way he deems fit. 

A Guru's work in the world is to alleviate the sorrows of mankind, whether through spiritual means or intellectual counsel, or will power, or physical transfer of disease. Escaping to the super consciousness whenever he so desires, a master can become oblivious of physical illness. Sometimes to set an example for disciples, he chooses to bear bodily pain thoroughly. By putting on the ailments of others a Yogi can satisfy for them karmic law of cause and effect.  This law is mechanically or mathematically operative. Its workings may be scientifically manipulated by men of Divine wisdom. The spiritual law does not require a Master to become ill whenever he heals another person. Healings ordinarily take place through the Saints' knowledge of various methods of instantaneous cure in which no hurt to the spiritual healer is involved. 


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