Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Babaji Today


The Ganges flows where the Divine wills it. Through time, the routes of this sacred river carved out of the great Himalayan Mountains have changed as man and time has evolved. So it is that mankind changes with time and evolution. Humanity chooses its own destiny according to predestination of Divine Will for each incarnation and the free will which is given to each individual soul comprising the Oneness of the All. 

Be wise,and know from within, what is your predestination encoded within the cells of the spiritual heart and what free will you have. All of you may locate the Divine Light within you, embrace the Divine Love you are within and spread it to the whole humanity and the entire world and all of creation. Do not lament your predestination, but rather embrace it as a challenge to take you to your goal of God Realization.

As your SatGuru, Premavatar Sri Swami Vishwananda teaches you: "You may have God and then you have everything. How can this be? You must really want it with your whole being."  

Mahavatar Babaji

Let God's Will be known to you. . .Love and Blessings

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