Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Does Gurudev and Mahavatar Make Mistakes

"Man is an incarnation of the Supreme Cosmic Eternal Bliss
. If we think of ourselves as being this bliss and focus on it, we will become the bliss, but by our own effort."
-Sri Swami Vishwananda Premavatar

"Let God's Will be known to you."
-Mahavatar Babaji

The state of severance of union with sorrow is known by the name of yoga.
-Krishna, Bhagavad Gita

From the Bible Story in the prophetic book of Daniel: 
"The writing on the wall", or "the handwriting on the wall", or "the writing is on the wall" or "Mene Mene", is an idiom for "imminent doom or misfortune" and for "the future is predetermined". The expression originates from the Book of Daniel, Chapter 5, from the handwriting on the wall that was witnessed at a banquet hosted by king Belshazzar. As those at the feast profaned the sacred vessels pillaged from the Jerusalem Temple, a disembodied hand appeared and wrote on the palace wall the words, "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin". The prophet Daniel was summoned and interpreted this message as the imminent end for the Babylonian kingdom. That night, Belshazzar was killed and the Persians sacked the capital city.

Do Swami Vishwananda and Mahavatar make mistakes? One finds the answer to this question from the spiritual heart. The mind will always try to convince you that some of the things they do and say are not right, or fair, or that they do not treat everyone equally, etc.

Gurudev is constantly making changes in his mission. Devotees do not always agree with these changes. Man often fears change. I can only speak from my experience. I have known Swami in this body only since 2006. I have known Mahavatar in this incarnation for a very long time since 1985. My experience is that every time my mind doubts either Swami or Mahavatar for a moment or longer, at some point, my heart conveys in a way that. . . “I trust that Swami and Mahavatar know what they are doing at all times and that it is aligned with the Supreme Being.” It seems they both are the Supreme Being !

If Swami or Babaji says do “A” and my mind tells me with great power and authority: No, do “B,” I just do “A.” If ever it should happen that Mahavatar tells me one thing and SatGuru Swami Vishwananda tells me the opposite, I would be compelled to do what Swami tells me to do ! So then, would Mahavatar be making a mistake? NO! His purpose would become clear as events unfold in Swami's mission, see? Most of the future is predetermined as Swami Vishwananda told us recently and we actually have very little free will. There would be Divine Will in what, to the mind, seems a contradiction.

It is possible to “see the handwriting on the wall,” at times, when a “maha” change is beginning to materialize in Sri Swami Vishwananda’s mission. In this way, one is not “shocked” but just “goes with “His flow", confidentially, with: “I trust that Sri Swami Vishwananda Premavatar knows what he is doing and does not make mistakes.”
-Swamini  Vishwalakshmianandama


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