Thursday, January 10, 2013

Materialization of Dancing Lord Krishna Statue

One evening, during dinner, Swamiji gave Santushta half of a very acidic fruit and said 

"Try it! It tastes good!" Swamiji himself ate the other half and made a rapt face and said "Ahhh sooo sweet! I love it!"

Santustha screwed his face at the taste of the sour fruit and asked Swamiji "Who are you to like something like that?!"
Swamiji: "Do you really want to know?"
Santushta: "Yes, why not?"
Swamiji then turned to him and told him: "Put your hand on my heart”!

Santushta laid his hand flat on Swamiji's heart. Then Swamiji said after a moment.

Swamiji: "Have you no fear?"

Santushta: "No, why should I?"
Swamiji: "Take it”!

Santushta did not understand - So Swamiji repeated it, "Take it”!

Then slowly Santushta closed his hand (as if to take something from Swami's heart as instructed), and suddenly he felt something in his hand. He opened his hand and looked: there was a wonderful statue of Krishna!

Swamiji had just materialized a statue of a dancing Lord Krishna in Santushta's hand.

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