Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Many Teachers in Life

Once somebody went to a Master and he saw that the Master was so blissful.So, he asked him: 'Tell me, who is your teacher? Why are you radiating so much light?' Then, the Master said: I don't have one teacher. I have twenty-four teachers.' So the man asked 'Who are these twenty-four teachers?' The Master said 'First, above all the teachers, I've learned from my parents and above all, first, I have learned from my mother, who held my hand and made me walk. So, my mother has shown me how to stand on my feet. Secondly, I have learned discipline from my father, who disciplined me, who sustained me and showed me how to sustain myself.'

He never mentioned anybody else apart from the mother and father. The rest he mentioned was about everything that he had seen: the plants, the animals, he learned from every small insect and all together, he had twenty-four teachers. He had learned humility, patience, joy, happiness - all these qualities just from nature. So, if you observe nature carefully, you will learn a lot! This was when there was not yet the Name of God, when there was not any specific form that we now give Him. Of course, when one is centered and trusts oneself, trusts one's feelings and knows that the inner Guru which is seated in the heart will reveal Himself, the inner Guru will reveal Himself!"

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