Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Finterprint of The DIvine



The Divine has created The Fibonacci Spiral
And its mathematical numbers,
Which repeats itself throughout creation.
So it is that this sacred geometry is a clue to the
Human experience on Earth.
The simple nautilus shell shows clearly
This sacred form which is a mathematical formula
That God created to form all the awesome,
Incredibly beautiful galaxies
And the human being as well.

The Fibonacci Spiral stands as a sentential
For man to see in the repetition of its form
The awesome Creative Power of the
Fingerprint of God!

View your own fingerprint and know
That it is your unique life-gift from the Creator
And individual Identification within the Oneness.
Then boldly look into the creation as Science has
Given a glimpse, for Science and Spirituality
Are One even as the whole of Creation is One.

You may know, thereby, that God,
The Supreme One,
Knows what He is doing and He keeps
The Creation in balance and harmony
Through mathematical formulas which
Never change:
The nautilus shell, the human being,
And the galaxies above our heads
Show the Fingerprint of God
Through the mathematical formula
Of the identical formation of the
Fibonacci Spiral within the Oneness
We have come to know as “The One.”

Our own Premavatar Swami Vishwananda
Can be found to be like this “Fingerprint of
God, The Fibonacci Spiral”.
He knows what He is dong at every minuscule second
And whatever he does or says
Is for the benefit of the devotee, the disciple,
To guide that one through His own Avatar Fingerprint
Given to Him from God.

Our Satguru bestows Grace,
With the Greatest Love,
Physically, Ethereally, Spiritually
And from His Heart
Which contains, “Just Love,” leading us
Back to the Divine, from whence each One
Comes to Earth.
All this our Avatar gives through
His individual Avatar fingerprint. . .
Each time He gives His Darshan
As He leaves His Avatar Fingerprint
On Each forehead and at the
Medulla Oblongata at the back of the head.

Creation's fingerprints are like
A chain of diamonds glistening
In the Light and Love of God
Through His Fingerprint indelibly,
Magnificently and mysteriously
Shinning continuously throughout eternity!
OM and Amen.


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Vishwananda-Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama said...

About the sacred geometry to the one who wrote us about it:
Our pupose in writing about sacred geometry is to lead to the heart understanding. If one stays in the mind with all this sacred geometry, which is indeed a cornerstone of the material creation, one gets stuck. So study this as the mind is used and as you wish (for this is much information as you know) but the aim is to always "take it to the heart.
-Mahavatar Babaji