Saturday, January 12, 2013

Letter From Mahavatar Babaji

My 4-year-old grandson, Reid, stayed with me last night on a sleep-over. He picked up a picture of Babaji  from the side table by my bed and asked, "Who is this girl?" I replied that the picture was of a man. He asked: "What is his name?" And I told him, "Mahavatar Babaji." Then he picked up a picture of Gurudev and asked, "Who is this?" I told him: "The person in the second picture is Swami Vishwananda and he is a friend." Then I told him that if he ever is sad or in trouble he could talk to Babaji or Swami Vishwananda in his thoughts and they would help him. 
–Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama
Letter from Babaji:
From the time children are born they are ripe for the beckoning as to training them in the ways of the Lord. Every opportunity should be taken to educate them in spiritual traditions. This does not mean in the way of 'preaching' at them. Rather, lovingly answer their questions in a simple way that they can understand, as in the example given above.

Once there was a young boy in my training from the time he was born. Step by step I helped him retain memories of his Divine nature. He was an Avatar but it is God's plan to awaken the memories in steps to show mankind that the Vedic and Hindu Tradition works for mankind when he is committed to remembering his Divine Nature.

When this boy grew older and was about 14-years-old, he knew already his mission in this lifetime and in this world. In the greater truth, he always knows everything. He now travels the world awakening people to their Divine Nature in his Darshans, Satsangs and singing the name of the Lord. He teaches people that japa, chanting the name of the Divine, continuously, can lead to liberation.

Likewise all of you can train young people to keep their memories of the Divine in a natural way. Then, it is up to the young person to find the Divine within the heart or to fall into the maya and conditioning of the world. But remember to do this in a natural rather than a 'preaching' or forcing way. Of course, it depends on the development of the soul when it takes incarnation as to how advanced the memories are and which ones the Divine will allow the soul to retain.

Be at peace with the world and your life,
Mahavatar Babaji

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful reminder and encouragement for our path!
Meera Dasi