Friday, June 22, 2012

Swami in Jyotitmath India

Swami in Jyotitmath Narshima Temple Yesterday
Thursday, Swami and the people with Him were in Jyotirmath, India. This is high in the Himalayas with the white-capped, Sacred Ganges River powerfully flowing hundreds of feet below the narrow, curving highway one is traveling.  Jyotrimath is a pilgrimage place most visit on their way to Badrinath where the Immortal Mahavatar Babaji has been seen through the centuries and it is said that He has an etheric ashram there which few have experienced. Jyotirmath is one of the four cardinal pithas established by Adi Shankara. 

“Matha Pitha Guru Deivam”
is a Sanskrit mantra often chanted in Hinduism. Translated word for word it is: “Mother Father Teacher God.” The meaning of this mantra is the greatest truth, and is the order in which one offers reverence. The mantra comes from the Vedas.

First comes the mother (Matha or Mata) who gives birth to the child, thereby bringing us as a child into this world. Next comes the father (Pitha or Pita) because it is the mother who knows the truth about the father and she guides one to the father. The mother and father takes one to the teacher (Guru), and it is the Guru, through his teachings who guides one to God (Deivam or Devam), the Consciousness or self-awareness of our real self.

Jyotirmath and Badrinath remind me of Mahavatar Babaji and I spent some joyful days once in Badrinath. One morning in meditation Mahavatar transmitted the following poem. For more pictures of Swami in Jyotirmath, please visit -


By Mahavatar Babaji

When time stands still
Devotees of the Lord know him
At the core of being.
Let This Be.

And let this happen to you, my friends.
In freedom, and in Love Divine.
When the winds of time blow into eternal
Fire-form of Himalayan winter’s frosty snows,
Turn your back on worldly woes
And flow with eternal time.

The Satguru is by your side
In form . . . in love Divine.
Follow his footsteps into eternity,
And Love all those along the way.
Do not waste time on Earthly troubles
But smooth the waters into heavenly stillness,
And be the one you were in the beginning,
Just love and nothing less or more . . .

It is truth, my friends,
In sacred essence,
There is only Love Divine.

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