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Life Is Like a Lemon Tree - Mahavatar Babaji

Life is like a lemon tree. The roots represent the human connection with the Earth Mother and Her loving sustenance of the form of man. The branches symbolize the inherent capability of man to reach for the stars and into the entire universe residing in the Heart of man. Do you know it, my friend?  The fruit, the lemon, represents both the sweet and sour experiences of human life. If one mixes squeezed lemon juice with honey and cool spring water, one can taste the duality of both the tartness and the sweetness of lemonade, a drink many enjoy.

Like this, man may play out his lifestream with an attitude of positiveness and be happy, productive and fulfill his purpose for being born on Earth. This is called what initially, in the beginning stages, may be felt from the Heart of man as the bitter-sweet ecstasy of the eventual Sweetest Surrender to the Divine. And in this way the Grace of God descends upon man and Remembered Enlightenment comes forth in a radiant rainbow of luminous Light, Love and Grace. And you have attained the priceless Divine Diamond.

-Mahavatar Babaji

Life Is Like A Lemon Tree

Three coins in a fountain may
Grant you three wishes,
Or so it is said.

One remembers the triune of the three wise men,
Who came to Jesus, the Christ, that night of nights…
Back then when a great light came to Earth
As a bright star was observed in the Heavens.

Lord Krishna says in His Gita:
"The total material substance, called Brahman
Is the source of birth; and it is that Brahman
That I impregnate, making possible the births
Of all living beings. It should be understood
That all species of life are made possible by
Birth in this material nature, and that I am
The seed-giving Father." (BG 14:3-4)

Run for your lives the masses say,
As they strive for their daily bread.
How can life be equal and God be
Loving and fair, be It Krishna, Jesus, Allah,
Or whatever name one may call,
When rich and poor and happy and sad,
Some terrified by war and some
Wallowing in wealth and power may live
Side-by-side in this illusionary, duality world?

 The three wise men might say:
Cover your eyes and ears to that called illusion
And look to the heart instead.
For many lives we all have lived:
We have been rich and poor,
Lovely and not so fair,
Powerful and down and out,
Penniless even…
Lying in the gutter of human embodiment,
One life a rich man we become,
The next a pauper’s son,
Then perhaps even a lordly king or two
Wearing the royal purple robe.
Entitlement is the name of that game.

What have we attained in the end?
Only the love we have embodied and given,
And God, through Grace,
If we have attained Him by the end!
As Avatar Satguru Sri Swami Vishwananda says:
"When one has God, one has everything!"
None of the illusionary world do we take with us…
When from this world we go.

We teach our children as we live the example
And not from what we tell them is so.
Our children walk the same path as we do,
They learn and live life as they go!

Life is like a lemon tree
If life showers us with sour lemons,
Then with God’s Grace,
Let us accept God’s gift of the lemons
And let us make the sweetest of all lemonades
As we return to this Earth again and again,
Until, through the Grace of God, we reach
The end of duality and then remember
This Beginning without end!

Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama

Note from Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama
: When I finished posting this entry and read it over again, Babaji said lovingly and gently, reminding me of Swami’s voice, at times: "This is why I am here in black and white." I wondered, momentarily: “What does He mean by that!" Then I understood because the concept of "this is in black and white" generally means that black and white is the equivalent of yes and no, good and bad, without any middle ground or any gray; it just is! So, Babaji means He is coming to us in "black and white," the black words on the white page of this VBV blog to help us beyond the duality of this world into God's Grace of "This Beginning without end." I laughed because I felt what He said was both profound and funny in a British dry humor kind of way. When Babaji says things like this, I have come to understand that He is playing with my mind in a tone of playfulness without emotion, like British “dry humor,” but simultaneously He is telling me a great truth. In this instance, Babaji is literally speaking of the black and white of the VBV printed page and the reality of the eternal truths he conveys to us “in black and white” to help us attain the priceless Divine Diamond.

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