Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mahavatar's Tiger Story Connects with Devotee and Continues

Devotee's Personal Experience with Mahavatar Babaji by a Devotee of Mahavatar and Swami
Email received after this devotee read Mahavatar’s Virtual-Babaji-Vishwananda yesterday:

I have just finished reading your post for today, [Virtual-Babaji-Vishwananda, June 6, 2012]. It feels like Beloved Mahavatar is answering my thoughts. For a few days now, my husband and I have been watching videos which describe the subject Mahavatar is talking about in today's post…Mahavatar spoke about a tiger which he taught to live on prana and the tiger, subsequently, did not hunt and kill any more…the post may be read at 

It's amazing how everything works. Yesterday I was seriously thinking about fasting and also about the possibility of living on prana, after watching several videos on this subject. I was talking about it with my husband for hours. I also wrote about a tiger to a friend this morning describing the nature of my husband when I met him and why I painted a tiger when my husband temporarily left me and my two small boys. I saw my husband then as a tiger walking through a jungle.

My husband returned to us. I am still with my husband; I never divorced him. It was the greatest lesson for me and the greatest reward that I stayed in this marriage. During that difficult time of my life, our Heavenly Father was nursing me and He was giving me the purest nectar of wisdom. Because of my patience, now we both are harvesting the greatest blessings of our life together. One door after another is opening for us, so we are able to grow spiritually. My husband turned around 180 degrees, just like Mahavatar's tiger
. It's a great miracle! 

My husband went through three major accidents, which I have to describe as miracles too. All of the accidents were lessons for him to learn through excruciating pain, suffering and long recoveries. The last accident was so severe that the Spinal Specialist told me, with the tears in his eyes, that this was Divine intervention that my husband didn't end up in a wheelchair. The doctor even showed my husband’s ex-rays to the world’s best Spinal Surgeons in the Bahamas, and they all agreed that my husband’s recovery was a miracle.

I want to tell one more detail, please: When the doctors showed me the ex-rays I knew that this was bigger than me, bigger than my husband’s strength and faith. The policeman, who escorted my husband to the hospital had tears in his eyes when he saw me. Doctors had their heads down and initially told me that my husband would never walk again and they also iformed me that he could die. I completely surrendered everything to The Divine. I gave all my worries to the highest power I was able to imagine. I felt again the whole army of light being around me. After this surrender, I never cried. I was calm and full of hope and I knew, without any doubt, that my husband would walk again.

I know now for sure that Mahavatar is helping my friend, whom I wrote about the tiger, through me, and through my many lifetime experiences. She is begging me for every word which will be able to help her with her sadhana. 
Mahavatar also stopped me the other day, when I was writing to a family member, who was asking me a lot of questions, and then when I answered them wholeheartedly, the relative tried to manipulate them so as to defend his own ego. It seems Mahavatar is indicating that this relative must learn another way, and Mahavatar stopped me from writing to him further about his questions.

I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I have the feeling that Mahavatar and Swami Vishwananda are always with me. They're watching my every step. They are sending the right people my way. I don't know how I can possibly thank them enough. What else can I do? They're here for us. I can't do anything for them.

While I do my writings and when I am trying to help others, at the same time I figure that I am helping myself too. I never have had these kinds of thoughts or feelings before [that is before connecting with Mahavatar Babaji and Swami Vishwananda.]

By a Devotee of Mahavatar Babaji and Sri Swami Vishwananda

Note from Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama:
 After I was finished writing Mahavatar Babaji’s message yesterday for the Virtual-Babaji-Vishwananda blog, I was still thinking about the word He used, “jungle” and that it might be best to use the word, “forest” instead. Suddenly, my computer screen went blank and I could not find the “saved” copy. So, I asked Babaji if he would like to transmit the message again or should I use instead just the long complementary quote from a talk from Swami as we had planned to add with Mahavatar’s transmission.

Babaji told me he would transmit the message again. When he got to the place, for the second time, of using the word, “jungle,” I asked him if I could use “forest” instead. He very gently said, “No, I wish you to use the word, “jungle.” It was only after I received the email above that I realized that my screen went blank so that Babaji could reiterate what I already know but sometimes still question: “Babaji has a reason why he uses whatever word he chooses from my stored brain vocabulary.” I know that He gives me permission to ask Him about such words, but I was really resisting,
in my mind, the fact that he was using “jungle” instead of “forest.” Without developing omniscience, we do not see the whole picture of creation as the Masters do! So, as you all may be aware, the teachers know what they are doing and we do not see the big picture always of how far their teachings will reach and how one chosen word of the teacher may be important to someone that the teacher knows will read it. The person, who painted the tiger in the experience we have shared, used the word “jungle” at the time many years ago when she painted the tiger representing her husband as they were going through trouble in their marriage.

Our teachers are always with us. I feel blessed and very humbled that I can hear Mahavatar Babaji clearly enough to be an instrument for Him to help others, like the person who wrote this email. And this person also helps others. We are all both students and teachers!

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