Sunday, June 17, 2012

From the Ganges and Jordan RIvers to Computer Land

The Beauty and Amusement of Photoshop

When I saw the amusement through the eyes of my Disciple as she viewed this picture on the Internet of Christ with a computer, I was reminded of a true story I have heard sadhus in the Himalayas repeat in recent times. My friends, you all are aware that the Internet captures, simultaneously, the beauty and the trash dump of human duality of life on Earth.

Once, not so long ago, there was a yogi in the Himalayas of India who wandered from village to village begging and doing his sadhana. He was a sadhaka, a person sincerely and completely seeking Remembered Enlightenment, because we all are enlightened but we have forgotten, as the Masters teach us.
One day after wandering for seven years, the yogi sat on the banks of the Sacred Ganges River in India doing his daily puja to Lord Krisha. Suddenly, he saw a sphere of light descend from the Heavens and out stepped Lord Krishna holding a small rectangular silver box in his hand. Krishna greeted the sadhaka, who was a devotee of Krishna and did a puja to Krishna every day. And sometimes he did an abhishekam to Krishna also. This sadhuka loved Krishna greatly and was a true Disciple.
Krishna touched the yogi on his forehead at the ajna energy center; and instantly the sadhaka Remembered Enlightenment. As the yogi knelt at Krishna’s feet, Lord Krishna raised him to his feet. Krishna asked the yogi if he would like to see how He kept track of him and his spiritual progress. The grateful yogi, of course, answered, “Yes.” So Krishna opened the silver rectangular box which had a small screen which looked exactly like an I-Phone in today’s time.
Lord Krishna’s silver box did not have an apple with a bite taken out of it on the cover. Instead Krishna’s silver rectangular box depicted a book with a silver ribbon marking a certain page and engraved with the words: “Book of Life.” Krishna pressed some buttons and immediately the man’s life, like a movie, flashed upon the screen before his eyes. And Krishna showed the man scenes from his future which showed that the yogi would now build a temple and teach many people the Vedic truths of old through the memory Krishna had restored when he touched him on the forehead and propelled him into Remembered Enlightenment. The now Enlightened yogi thought of Krishna’s silver box and the present-day Internet as well as the truth of the saying: “As above, so below.”
My friends, of course, this story is a vision the yogi saw through the blessing of Lord Krishna. These kinds of appearances happen frequently in the Himalayas to sincere seekers who have reached a certain spiritual attainment. And, in truth, there exists stored in the etheric records of All-Time all the thoughts and actions of man since his beginnings on Earth. And the Masters who walk with you at this time on Earth have access to all this knowledge and wisdom. And so do you, for stored within you, to be awakened one day when you are ready, resides this same knowledge that Krishna showed the Himalayan yogi. So, strive to become pure in Heart so that you, too, may Remember Enlightenment.
Mahavatar Babaji
Champion of the Whole Humanity

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i just before thought of the akasha chronic by watching this beautiful clip...