Sunday, May 27, 2012

No Greater Thing

Swami Vishwananda told the story of the Saint, who asked his devotees to give him seven flowers as they were preparing for his visit. The devotees wondered which seven flowers to give the saint. The Saint told them: “Yes, I use seven flowers to pray and I want each one of you to give these seven flowers to me. The seven flowers are: truthfulness, love, service to people, prayers, devotion, loyalty and control of the senses. These are the seven flowers." Swami then said, "If somebody gives these to God, gives them to one's Self, God will be pleased with that. There is no greater gift.

Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit according to Orthodox Tradition:
Love of God to help overcome sinfulness.
Spirit of strength to live by the virtues.
Spirit of counsel to give us the skill of discernment.
Spirit of understanding to realize how blessings have been revealed to us to gain virtues.
Spirit of knowledge to know the deeper motivation of each command and virtue.
Spirit of comprehension to know the meaning of things by identification with them.
Spirit of wisdom which is the simple contemplation of truth of all things.

Swami Vishwananda Sings and Dances with Devotees

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