Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mahavatar Tells a Story - The Diamond Earrings

Once there was a Swami who created the tradition to give certain devotees and disciples a set of diamond earrings. Very few people knew the symbology of this, because the Swami never openly spoke about these manifestations.

One day a young boy who lived at this Swami’s ashram and who lived in Europe in the Twenty First Century, was walking in the woods near the Swami’s ashram when he saw a hawk flying ahead of him. For some reason he followed the hawk as it would fly ahead and then land on a tree branch and wait for the young boy to come to him. This game lasted for about half an hour as the boy wondered what type of bird would behave in such a manner and how it was that he was attracted to the bird through what seemed to be an ancient Love that came from deep within himself.

As the boy followed the hawk, he came to what would be the last place the bird would lead him. He observed that the hawk was pecking at a certain place under a tree throwing dirt to the side. As the hawk allowed the boy to come close, the boy noticed that the hawk had golden wing tips and eyes of iridescent blue-green from which golden sparks of light radiated outward. Then the boy knew that this bird was a type of spiritual bird like the renowned Paramahansa, who is said not actually to be a bird but a state of Purity Consciousness.

The boy stood quietly and watched the bird digging a hole in the ground. Eventually, the bird lifted a small silver box from the ground. The beautiful hawk lifted the silver box in its mouth and brought it and laid it at the feet of the young boy while looking into the boy’s eyes. The boy saw sparks of golden light come from the eyes of the hawk and go into his body at his seven chakras as they awakened into the kundaliini light of spiritual wisdom. And the sparks became words which told the boy to open the silver box as it was a gift for him.

Inside the red velvet lined box the boy, Pankananda, found two diamond earrings like his Swami, his Satguru, gave to certain people that he knew. Pankananda was guided by the words of the hawk to place the earrings into his ears. As soon as he had the second earring into his ear, both the silver box and the hawk disappeared before his eyes. Then the boy wondered if he wore the earrings in the future if people would think his Satguru had given the earrings to him and what would he answer if someone asked? He decided that he would tell the truth of how the earrings came to him if anyone asked and let them think whatever they would think. For on the spiritual path, as he well knew, many unique experiences happen to people who are fully surrendered to the Satguru.

The boy slowly walked back to the ashram in order to shower and change clothes for evening prayers. Rarely did the Satguru attend prayers, for he often traveled and when he was in residence, his practice was to allow the devotees and disciples who lived and visited the ashram do prayers led by his chosen leaders as He had taught them. When Pankananda walked toward the Temple for prayers, to his surprise and delight, the Satguru stood outside the door. And Pankananda’s heart was happy as he knew this indicated that the Satguru would attend prayers and bhajans that were sung afterwards. As Pankananda came near the Satguru, he saw sparks coming from the Satguru’s eyes precisely like the ones that had come from the eyes of the beautiful hawk. And they went into his chakras like before and the Divine Shakti energy rushed up his spine as had happened with the hawk. The radiant smile of the Guru, who wore a robe of iridescent blue-green like the eyes of the hawk, smiled his luminous smile and handed Pankananda the silver box that had disappeared along with the hawk.

The Satguru simply said, “Keep the earrings in your ears always. Here is the box in which the earrings came to you. I have filled the box with manifested vibhuti; keep the silver box with vibhuti on your altar always.” Pankananda knelt at the Satguru’s feet in humble gratitude and unconditional, totally surrendered Divine Love.

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