Sunday, May 20, 2012

Living in Present Time - Swami and Babaji

Mahavatar Babaji: (Taken from the book, "Unity With The DIvine")
"Lo, from the dawn of time man has used his imagination as a pathway to freedom. The so-called imagination is within the mind and heart system of man given life from his first breath originating from the Source (The Divine). Then let us use this imagination or will of man to further our knowledge, experience and love of the Divine Light Principle from whence we first came in our beginning—without beginning and without end…

"In present time we go often from day to day in our lives as if on remote control. We begin our days and end our days in exactly the same ways. We act as if we are sleep-walking and our lives often become routine as we choose to live by rote. Meditation is a way for mankind to awaken the central core of our being and, thereby, his life may become what it was meant to be in the beginning of beginnings.

"Man may live with the capacity to be happy, to be free, and to be alive in the present moment without continually looking backward or forward in the present moment. In that way of being stands your life-force ability to weep in overwhelming sadness or feel and express great joy, both with the purest equanimity. Control of the mind is required to do this." (Taken from Unity With The Divine) (Available at Amazon at: )
Sri Swami Vishwananda: 
"We are living in a dreaming state. When we get awakened, we will see the reality. But this reality is not to be understood with the mind. That’s what human beings are here for: To attain this reality of who you are. We will attain this reality only through unconditional love, the same love that He loves us. Do you think His love is bound by any limitation or what we understand of Him? The love of God is not bound by anything, only by the love of His devotee".

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