Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Miraculous Story of Mahavatar and Swami Working Together in India

Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama: We placed a mandala on Virtual-Babaji-Vishwananda blog on May 11, five days ago.  The mandala artist is Thomas from the Czech Republic now living in America. Of the four mandalas Thomas’ mother sent me, I felt inspired to share this mandala (see below and ) with readers as I felt the presence of Maha Lakshmi when I saw the elephants and the chakras within the human spine represented in the mandala. This was an element in a larger picture that Mahavatar Babaji and Swami Vishwananda would play out with three people in Joshimath, India a few days later.

Thomas and his companion have been traveling throughout India for some weeks now. They were in Badrinath a week ago, a highly charged spiritual place with a great and ancient Vishnu Temple. One of the Holy Rivers of India, the Alakananda River, runs through Badrinath. It has been said that Mahavatar Babaji has an “etheric” ashram near Badrinath and one can read in Hindu literature that some blessed people through time have encountered Mahavatar Babaji at Badrinath.

On their travels through India, Thomas and his companion stayed two days at the town of Joshimath like many people on pilgrimages to Badrinath.
 Joshimath is one of the four cardinal mathas established by Adi Shankara; the others are Shringen, Puri and Dwarka. Their leaders are titled, Shankaracharya, according to the tradition initiated by Adi Shankara. Adi Shankara established the Jyotrimath Temple in Joshimath.
After their stay in Badrinath, Thomas and his companion followed an inner urge to stay again at Joshimath as they traveled back down the high Himalayan Mountain toward Rishikesh. Thomas had communicated to his mother in America that he would take Atma Kriya Yoga initiation from Swami Vishwananda’s teachers either at his ashram in Springen, Germany or from one of Swami’s Atma Kriya Yoga teachers in the Czech Republic, his homeland, even though he is presently living in the USA. However, Swami Vishwananda and Mahavatar Babaji had other plans for Thomas and a certain Atma Kriya Yoga teacher traveling in India.

When Thomas reached Joshimath for the second time, he and his companion waited for hours for the owner of the hotel where they wished to stay to return so that they could register for a room. After hours of waiting, they decided to locate another hotel. When Thomas and his companion checked into this randomly chosen hotel, so they thought, they were told that a girl from the Czech Republic had checked in earlier. Later this girl came through the lobby and Thomas, his companion and this girl, Bhagesri, introduced themselves having the common ground that both Thomas and she are citizens of the Czech Republic. Thomas discovered that Bhagesri is a disciple of Swami Vishwananda and that she is an initiated Atma Kriya Yoga teacher and that her Guru is Swami Vishwananda.

After hearing that Thomas wished to take the Atma Kriya Yoga course offered by Swami Vishwananda when he returned from India, she told him that she is
one of the three teachers of Atma Kriya Yoga in the Czech Republic that Swami Vishwananda has initiated. The other two teachers are Jagadishen and Yadhava. She also told him that earlier this morning of their meeting that she was reading the Virtual-Babaji-Vishwananda Blog and she had seen Tom's elephant mandala and that she had thought: "I want to see the painter of this mandala."

Before all this happened, Mahavatar had told Bhagesri that she would be meeting with someone whom she would help by giving Atma Kriya Yoga teaching and initiation and He, Mahavatar Babaji, would be giving this person(s) Atma Kriya Yoga through her!

Thomas’s mother, Eva, writes of this story: What a blessing again! It’s a Masterpiece of Mahavatar Babaji. I was humbly asking Mahavatar for protection and for sending Tom and his companion someone who would help them with their spiritual sadhana. I felt that something would happen, but never did I think that Mahavatar would answer in this BIG WAY !!! I am very, very humbled !

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