Thursday, May 17, 2012

Love's Pearls of Wisdom - Unity on Earth

By Mahavatar Babaji

Unity with the Divine is the calling within every heart of humanity.
Reasoning has to be set aside and one must learn the language
of the heart to reach the remembered enlightenment of former
 states of consciousness, which you all have stored in your atmic soul.
It is written, so let it be!

-Mahavatar Babaji


Unity  Of  Love  On  Earth

(A Prayer for Earth}

Mahavatar Babaji,
Dearly Beloved ParamGuru
Let all mankind be an Instrument of your Love,
Your Peace, Your Humility, even as
You are the Supreme Being of Godhead !
Let us work ceaselessly for the
Human evolution into the Divine Within,
Which is Your mission on Earth.

You, along with Divine Mother,
Have given and blessed our Satguru,
 Sri Swami Vishwananda also with
The Mission which is Yours, as
His Mission to humanity--
Open all hearts to Divine Love.
In this way You have blessed humanity,
 supremely !

Let time be eliminated from the minds of man,
And let it be known as the illusion it is.
Let fear recede into the dust bin of history
For the Whole Humanity,
As You, Dear Mahavatar, often say.

As the Peacock feather is one of the symbols
Of Lord Krishna’s time on Earth
And the cross is a symbol of the Christ
Let Your Atma Kriya Yoga image stand
As one representation of Your time on Earth
In the Twenty First Century.
Let peace once again reign on Earth and
Let Krishna-Christ Consciousness
Rise from the Divine Heart Within,

To permeate the very air we breathe,
And let Love reign Supreme
On Earth Forevermore.

Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama

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