Friday, February 10, 2012

Letter from Babaji | Experience from Devotee

Letter from Mahavatar Babaji to Atma Kriya Teachers and to Everyone:
 “In earlier times I came to the enlightened Masters and they carried my message of Living Light of Love to the people of the world. In contemporary times, and at this merging of the Kali Yuga into the Sathya Yuga, or age, I come to each individual soul. Why? It is time for this to be brought into the light, as it is in Divine Will. The many Masters on the planet today teach you that this merging time of the Kal
i Yuga into the Sathya Yuga is the easiest time of all for man to mentally, physically and spiritually merge with the Divine, to become a Jivan Mukti and become enlightened like the Masters who have come before. You may simply remember that you always have been enlightened but have veiled this realization from yourself through karmic coatings of imbalances carried from one lifetime to another and another!

“Masters teach you now that the easiest way to reach the Divine in this age is to chant the Divine name of your choice continuously. Even when you are sleeping, you may develop the ability to continue this Inner chanting of the Divine name! Your teacher, Sri Swami Vishwananda and myself have developed Atma Kriya for this contemporary time, KriyaYoga for the Atma, the soul. The Teachers of Atma Kriya can be likened unto the “Army of Christ” in days of yore, as written in the scriptures. This army of Christ carried this Banner Within: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; the Kingdom of God is Within You.” And Atma Kriya Teachers can be likened unto the Gopis in the time of Krishna who carried this Banner Within: “ Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Our Lord and Master, now and forever, no matter what may come and go!” Please take advantage of this opportunity of Atma Kriya to reach the state of Conscious Awareness of a Jivan Mukti, enlightened while living in the physical form. This is possible, So Let It Be!”

Experience From A Mahavatar Babaji Devotee
My Story About Mahavatar Babaji’s
Unity With The Divine Book
by a Czech Republic devotee living in the United States
(Note: The capital letters in this story are the author’s emphasis as written to us)

When I opened my door one afternoon and saw a package in my mailbox, I knew right away that "BABAJI" had arrived !!! [Mahavatar Babaji’s book
Unity With The Divine]. I took the package into my hands and, with devotion, placed it on my heart. Unbelievable energy started pouring from the package into my whole body, which started to shake uncontrollably. I burst into tears.

I quickly opened the package and I saw the eyes of Babaji on the cover picture of the book. His eyes went through to the very depths of my soul. WHAT A BLESSING !!! I felt The DEATHLESS HIMALAYAN MASTER BESIDE ME !!! The vibrations were so strong, so intense, that I felt that my heart and my brain would explode any second.

Then I started to read
Unity With The Divine. I wanted to finish it the very same day but I couldn't, due to the profound energy which came from His words and poured throughout my body!  Beloved Mahavatar stayed with me all the time. His energy was (is) so powerful that I had problems breathing, and my body continued to shake, while tears ran down my cheeks. I had to pause and cry, and at the same time to enjoy the Godly feelings which surrounded my being with sweet, never-ending joy and bliss. The material world ceased to have any meaning to me. The physical world seemed now to be unreal, pointless, dark and very heavy. I wanted only LOVE and I realized that I was LOVE. Finally, I was able to finish the book in three days.

Our house has always been filled with positive energy. Everyone who comes to visit feels it. We have a lot of crystals placed everywhere. We have pictures of Jesus Christ, Lord Krishna, Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Sri Yukteswar, Paramahansa Yogananda and Ramana Maharishi in every room, and especially in our meditation room. We also have a lot of healing pictures, but what came with this book [
Unity With The Divine] is indescribable, unspeakable.

The spirit of GODLY MAHAVATAR has stayed with us to this day and is helping us to resolve and to overcome our existing karma. We humbly BOW TO YOU, OUR DEAREST FRIEND, and OUR BELOVED JAGADGURU MAHAVATAR BABAJI.

I am placing a white lotus flower on your feet
A Devotee
Of Mahavatar Babaji and Sri Swami Vishwananda


eunike said...

Dear Babaji
About a year ago I had a dream, in which a misterious young looking, long haired Master showed me something. I had no idea who that was at that time, but I was exited and I knew this dream had been important. Later that year I felt compelled to learn about Swami Vishwananda, and of course, later it became clear who that Master in the dream was :)
Apparently I'm among those lucky 'individual souls' that you mentioned. Thank you for this :)

Anonymous said...

thank you