Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Krishna-Christ Consciousness

Satguru [Swami Vishwananda] or Paramguru [Mahavatar Babaji] has this omnipresent quality inside. Whatever the disciple is thinking, the Guru is connected to, also. When one surrenders sincerely to the master, it is like one is grafted to the master. It’s like a rose bush: whenever the bush receives the grace and the water, of course, the grafted part also gets the grace and the water. The same thing is when one is surrendered to the Guru, whatever flows through the Guru; whatever energy; whatever Shakti is flowing through the Guru, the disciple, wherever he will be, will receive the same Grace, also.

Krishna-Christ Consciousness

“Pay less attention to Material Laws;
Pay more attention to God’s Laws.”
My Satguru’s etheric voice lovingly
And sweetly filled my room
With luminescent Light and Celestial sound
One early morn.

Times and half-times flow into infinity.
In the life of humanity, time does not stop
For even a single one.
The hourglass continues to merge into consciousness
As Material Laws solidify God’s laws of Light
Into Creation’s Face.

Man stands as God’s sentinel of the material world.
The grass of Earth covered with pure white snow
Is a visual picture of Light manifested into both
Solidified energy and the progressive
Chain of eternal life.

Let it be said that God sends the Satguru,
Who knows all about you:
Your life, your dreams and what it will take
For you to attain the Divine, the Goal of Human Life.
The Satguru encourages you to practice
Spiritual Laws, sadhana.

Divine Law stands as energetic movement
Of the God Within expressing Itself
Into material world view.
There must be a balance between Material Laws
And God’s Laws for the human being to become
God-Man realized – the goal of human life.

Chose to merge your consciousness with the teachers
Who came before you to planet Earth
And brought with them
The knowledge of God-Man. . .
Christ-Krishna-Consciousness—The Avatars.
And merge your consciousness with the God-Men
Who have reached Christ-Krishna-Consciousness
While living on Earth – the Jivan Mukti.

Let the image of God’s Love be imprinted on your heart
And merged with your essence,
Facilitating your walk into Eternity.
Liken this to the great American Civil Rights Leader,
Martin Luther King’s immortal words . . .
“Free at last—Free at Last—
Thank God Almighty—Free at Last!”
And so it can be, and when lived. . .
In-deed. . .
Becomes. . .
Christ-Krishna-Consciousness Realized!

Thank You, Swamiji, for Your Voice at dawn
The Satguru lesson,
And Your Love.

Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama (Lakshmi)

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