Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Guru Serves Always

The purpose of everyone’s life is to deepen the love for God and His creation. My purpose is in serving those who have set themselves this very goal – to love and realize God

~ Sri Swami Vishwananda ~

Nine to Nine

From nine to nine, the story goes,
As the reincarnational wheel turns
Round and round the worldly whirl.

Robins in the springtime come
Every year in their time,
As man appears on Earth
Each lifetime clothed in a
Different personality hue.
And taking his cue from the
Stored memories in the soul,
He takes his flight through life.

Many a man has hung on the tree,
The cross, the tree of life,
While in its time, he wanders
Each of the continents and nationality lands.
Why is this, one might say?
This is the question and answer in one.

The wheel turns slowly in the beginning,
Then faster and faster it goes
As events run into each other in
The frantic pace of today’s mankind.

Take time to “smell the roses”
Along life’s long, exhilarating,
And sometimes, weary way . . .
Brightened by a baby’s first cry
An hour of Atma Kriya meditation,
A robin’s song in springtime
A sunrise, a sunset,
The sight and smell of the summer rose,
Blooming as the sun's rays meet its beautiful face.

 In this scene, a Magnificent, Radiant, smiling
Master appears . . . Sri Swami Vishwananda,
Sent from the ethereal realms of God.
He comes to serve and to lighten your load, to bring you joy,
And to love you like no one else can,
He  shows you this same Divine Love
That lies in your very own spiritual heart,
Your Master will show you the face of God
And your eternal soul
Resting in the heart-space of you.

So zip your coat, put on your
Orange knitted cap and gloves
And go out into the snow.
Get on his toboggan. . .
The Master, God’s messenger is here
To bring you the gospel, “the good news:”
You are eternal and ever shall be.
Relax and be free.
Be free of worries and fear
And rest in the Master’s Hand and Heart
Forever and Eternal-ly!

All this story is simply traveling from Nine to Nine. . .
The nine of completion
From the beginning of Earth life
To the new beginning of Nine. . .
The forever dichotomy – the
Perfect completion of the
Beginning without beginning or end!

Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama 

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