Saturday, February 11, 2012

GOPI PATH - Swami Satsang 10.2.2012

The Gopi Path –Swami Satsang 10.2.2012 . . . One of several spiritual subjects Sri Swami Vishwananda spoke about in His Satsang last evening: (Note: Readers of VBV may be interested in reading the part of yesterday's letter from Mahavatar Babaji, which spoke of the Gopis in relationship to Atma Kriya Teachers, which we have reprinted below Swami's Satsang excerpt).

Most problems you make happen by yourself. You see, a problem can be very small, but you can stretch it and make it long. That’s what you do always, or you can let go of it completely and leave it in the hand of God. He shall take care. He gave it and he has a solution for it; trust into that.

So, it is the same thing if you trust and really long to have the love the Gopis had, to have the Gopi Path, it’s not impossible. God will give you like that. But are you worthy of it? Are you ready for it? One would say, “Yes, yes, I am ready.” I tell you one thing, to say, yes, yes, that one is ready, and really to be ready are two different things. The Lord, when He will give you, don’t think that everything will be ha, ha joyful, joyful la, ha, ha, ha, ha. It’s not like this. The Gopis, from morning to evening the mind was on Krishna. Whatever they would do their mind was on Krishna. Wherever they would go it was only Krishna, nothing else. Whatever they would do, it was for Krishna. But their life had also struggle for their husbands, but they didn’t stop loving Krishna. They didn’t stop loving Krishna, no matter what came on the way, they loved Krishna. So if one loves like this, of course He will give you the Grace to awaken the Gopi Path inside of you, because this is part of the path, one aspect of the path which is on the spiritual path that does get awakened. In the saints, you see it very clearly! Even the Lord himself has to manifest and express the love of that path. And after that, many times He has manifested himself.

Mahavatar Babaji spoke yesterday on VBV blog of the Gopis in relationship to Atma Kriya Teachers:The Teachers of Atma Kriya can be likened unto the “Army of Christ” in days of yore, as written in the scriptures. This army of Christ carried this Banner Within: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; the Kingdom of God is Within You.” And Atma Kriya Teachers can be likened unto the Gopis in the time of Krishna who carried this Banner Within: “ Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Our Lord and Master, now and forever, no matter what may come and go!” Please take advantage of this opportunity of Atma Kriya to reach the state of Conscious Awareness of a Jivan Mukti, enlightened while living in the physical form. This is possible, So Let It Be!”

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