Sunday, February 5, 2012

AMRIT Flows - Babaji's Picture OM Healing in Kenya

Before OM Healing Babaj's picture was placed on a devotee’s altar before we began our healing. The picture was already blessed and Amrit began to flow again right after placed on the alter. Babaji blessed us with his presence.(By: Amit Raj Maha – Swami Vishwananda Seva Society - Kenya)

A friend and I, (Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama – Lakshmi), will begin an OM Healing in Colorado, USA where I live on February 26, 2012. My daughter, Heather and I did an OM Healing group at her yoga studio for 2 years and then she moved to California and the OM Healing was discontinued. Some wonderful healing and experiences happened while we did our OM Circle and Swami Vishwananda and Babaji’s presence was felt each time by some in the group. This morning, I was inspired anew, when I read the story of the amrit appearing on Babaji’s picture in Kenya at their OM Healing meeting.



Anonymous said...

Guru OM!
It is the sincerity that matters, the childlike total trust which makes the belief into the reality - a sankalapa, powerful thought without any doubt that God is everywhere and manifests His Presence when we do not even for a second consider the possibility it could be otherwise. It is like in the story of the healing of the small boy the other day on VBV entry when he placed his wounded finger directly towards the screen with Guruji,s picture for healing. He did not think twice He is not there for him to listen!
Swamiji always says true bhakti is offering the prayer withing the heart and the simplicity of the prayer makes it so powerfull! The OM HEALING is the most powerful, most potent invocation for the Mahavatar Babaji to manifest Himself in the subtle or visible form!
Pranam Babaji!

VishwaLakshmiAnandama (Lakshmi) said...

To the above comment. May we humbly and respectfully say, also, that along with OM Healing being one way to bring the presence of Mahavatar Babaji to your heart awareness, there are additional ways as well as OM Healing: calling the name of Babaji three times, praying to Babaji or meditating and connecting with Babaji, for examples. And some of those, who have made a true heart connection with Mahavatar, so that they have become his disciple or devotee, find that he never leaves them and therefore, is ever present.

Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama (Lakshmi)

Anonymous said...

Namaste Babaji,
Great Comment Dear Swamini!
Yes, it reminds me of the example of Meerabai which Guruji gaves us. Swami said that we have expectaions always -great expectations for something sectacular to happen when we invoke the Divine but He said itis enough to just 100% believe He is there always for us and Meerabai she sung her heart for Kirhsna without seeing Him, without knowing that He was standing there by her side. Swamiji said it is enough to yearn, to long to wholeheartedly invoke the Master, we might even not feel Him, not feel anything special as we would except but it is the intensity of the invocation that makes Him come whether we realise it or not! itisup to Him how He comes and up to us is to want Him, to call Him with singlepointed attention and love!

Pranam Babaji! Much Love Swamini!