Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ram’s Ways, Camelot’s King Arthur’s Ways, Our Ways

Babaji and I sit on the Banks of the Ganges River in India, May 31, 2011 (in etheric forms which appear physical to me). A small white boat with red trim floats down the Ganges River as serenely as a bird sings in springtime on the branch of a willow tree gently blowing in the wind. A young boy comes to sit on the right side of Master as I sit on his left, as usual.

Babaji tells me to write the following for this blog today:
“The boy sits in Padmasana and in Samadhi as naturally as if his legs came out of the womb in that position and as if Samadhi were his natural state of consciousness. To this day, this is the way it can be in India. The Sacred Ganges knows Her own as naturally as this.

“People do not understand in contemporary times the importance of Reverence, Love and Commitment for the Divine as was once known in India to even a greater degree in the time of Rama. Then, the demons were outside in the open, like Ravana, and man could perceive them with the five senses. This perception of demons still may be attained in today’s time, but it is difficult as the demonic qualities are deeply entrenched within man. Rama came to rid the Earth of many of these demons outside man. Now, in your time, such demons as hate, anger, road rage, envy, greed, power and jealousy reside inside man’s own consciousness.

“Such who understand this importance of reverence in contemporary times is this boy who sits beside me, and the ones who record my teachings in present-day. These ones know the value of the old ways when man was purified and the demons were not present inside man. It is true, as your Teacher tells you, that now is the easiest of times that the Divine has provided for man to free himself of the demons within. This may be done simply by chanting the Divine name of your resonance and choosing. This allows the mind to dwell on the higher design for man rather than the resonating factors of the unpurified “demons” in man.

“Choose to be ones, who purify yourselves, like this young boy who sits beside me in Padmasana and Samadhi, and learn to be free and happy”. –Mahavatar Babaji

Utpalavati: I was watching an English TV Series about the time of Camelot and the days of King Arthur, a favorite story which has been filmed in many versions. This particular British TV series version has contemporary elements which have freshness to it as well as humor in its interpretation. A certain poetic “license” liberally has been taken with contemporary slang in the language and the ability of computer animation for the “demons” of Camelot’s day and time. During this viewing, surprisingly, Babaji came and told me he would like to transmit a message for today’s blog (the message above). When I agreed to record his message and brought onto my computer screen a blank word document, I was immediately transported to the banks of the Ganges sitting with Babaji and a young Indian boy.

In reflecting on the experience with Babaji yesterday as I prepare to post this blog entry, I understand some parallels of the time of Ram, the time of Camelot and our own time. In the period of time, as the story of Ram is recorded, the demons could be perceived outside man. However, in the time of Camelot’s King Arthur, the demons are liberally depicted both inside and outside of man existing simultaneously. In our own time Swami Vishwananda tells us that the demons are inside man, himself!

I can see a Divine Design, if you will, in the progression of these so-called demons and man’s relationship with them throughout these three periods of time:

In the time of Ram, The Divine Lord Vishnu incarnated at Ram to kill the demons Himself.

In the time of Camelot and King Arthur, The Knights of the Round Table, all equal, were “knighted” to kill the demons outside people, who were still perceived as inside and outside people. Also “magic” was used in this period of time.

Now in our time, we perceive only the demons inside ourselves. The Divine has deemed that we are now “mature” enough if we choose to be, so that we may purify or “kill” the demons inside ourselves and be set free from within. We may do this by continuously chanting the Divine name of our choosing and resonance. Is chanting the Divine names the “magic” of our time? Magic is thought to be easy, such as Babaji instantaneously creating a Golden Palace for Lahiri Mahasaya. We think of Babaji’s Divine Creation of a Golden Palace as a kind of magic or miracle when in actuality it is as easy for Babaji as our chanting the Divine Names to attain purification, liberation (from the demons).

I think this is why Babaji chose the time while I was watching this time of King Arthur to demonstrate how in our time, today, we may purify ourselves of the demons of our time as surely as Ram came in his time to kill the demons of his day and King Arthur’s Knights could do the same in his day in that story.

Swami Vishwananda, our Teacher, tells us that remembering to chant the name of Ram at the time of death is an assurance that one will be liberated! The secret is that as we are in life, so we are at death. Swami places great importance in chanting the Divine names of our choice throughout our lives. A dear friend in South Africa, a close devotee of Swami Vishwananda, has created a personal blog in which his recent entries tell his story of chanting the Maha Mantra,” Hare Krishna, Hare Ram”—Six hundred and thirty thousand, seven hundred and twenty times this past year. Swami is pleased, I am certain! For those of you who may wish to read the story of chanting the Divine Names every day for a year, we are providing the link.

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Anonymous said...

Jay Guru Dev and thank You so much, Dear Mahavatar Babaji, Sri Swamiji Vishwananda and Utpalavati, for bringing this great analysis, pointing out the most powerful as well as the most simple skill to supply ourselves (and thereby our environment)with this really needed comfort. Remembering that nothing can really harm us while being centered in the heart through Japa.
Love and Blessings