Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Looking For Thee - New VIdeo Dedicated to Swami and Mahavatar

We all are here because of our spiritual path, because of our spiritual way, this way to the heart, this way to realization, God-Realization. Most of you probably know that the main aim, on the outside, is to know thyself, to realize the completeness of who you are in Reality. In this search, you make many travels to India, travels to America, travels everywhere, but all this searching on the outside has a limit. We are on the search and the search brings us to fun places. We meet different people, but still we are incomplete. We say, “God I have left heaven to realize it here. Whatever I’m doing, I’m doing it for Thee. Wherever I go, I’m just looking for Thee."

Swami Vishwananda

New Video from Bhakti Marga:
Dedicated to ParamGuru Mahavatar Babaji
& SatGuru Sri Swami Vishwananda - Following Poem.

Life Is Like A Lemon Tree

Three coins in a fountain may
Grant you three wishes,
Or so it is said.

One remembers the thriune of the three wise men,
Who came to Jesus, the Christ, that night of nights…
Back then when a great light came to Earth
As a bright star was observed in the Heavens.

Run for your lives the masses say,
As they strive for their daily bread.
How can life be equal
And God be loving and fair,
When rich and poor and happy and sad,
Some terrified by war
And some wallowing in wealth and power
Live side-by-side in this illusionary world?

The three wise men might say:
Cover your eyes and ears to that called illusion
And look to the heart instead.
For many lives we all have lived:
We have been rich and poor,
Lovely and not so fair,
Powerful and down and out,
Penniless even…
Lying in the gutter of human embodiment,
One life a rich man we become,
The next a pauper’s son,
Then perhaps even a lordly king or two
Wearing the royal purple robe.
Entitlement is the name of that game.

What have we attained in the end?
Only the love we have embodied and given,
And God, through Grace,
If we have attained Him by the end!
As Satguru Sri Swami Vishwananda says:
"When one has God, one has everything!"
None of the illusionary world do we take with us…
When from this world we go.

We teach our children as we live the example
And not from what we tell them is so.
Our children walk the same path as everyone,
They learn and live life as they go!

Life is like a lemon tree.
If life showers us with sour lemons,
Then with God’s Grace,
Let us accept God’s gift of the lemons
And let us make the sweetest of all lemonades
While upon this Earth of man.


Just Love:Dedicated to ParamGuru Mahavatar Babaji &
SatGuru Sri Swami Vishwananda

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