Wednesday, June 22, 2011

People Show the Face of their Own Within to You

Letter From Mahavatar Babaji:
“Shame on you”, people sometimes say. Shame embodies humiliation, embarrassment, indignity, infamy and dishonor. My friends the mistaken identity heaped upon you by others is their own within, which is showing its face to you. Do you see? You cannot be shamed about anything others perceive in you as they say, “Shame on you,” unless you “own” it from within yourself. Be free of others’ criticism and infamy. Words like these are poison to the mind and emotions. Why do we take on others' criticism and own it for ourselves? This happens when we feel separation from the Divine and our separation from the person who is criticizing us.

In these situations of life what is one to do to free one’s self from these negative thoughts and feelings? Love is the answer. Love yourself, love the person criticizing you and realize your oneness with this person and with the Divine, the All. Love the quality within this one, who is criticizing as your very own self and with love forgiveness comes for the other person and yourself. Offer criticism, shame, and infamy to the Lord. He will happily take it and transform it into Love. Be loving always and with everyone, and in time, liberation will come to you through the Grace of the Divine.

I am
Babaji and there are some who read this blog, who today feel shame. I am here. Remember to “Just Love,” as your Teacher reminds you often. He says this with the Divine Love that your Master portrays and radiates with every smile, every Darshan and every spiritual event that he so graciously plans for you. Be Love, for that is your nature, in essence

JUST LOVE: Mahavatar Babaji & Sri Swami Vishwananda

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Thank You Divine Master!